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Cisco 3750 switch

Hi everyone, I have an issue going on with one of my layer3 switch, 3750. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine apart from, it doesn't let me console into the switch. I have confirmed that baud speed rate is fine within the laptop and putty a...

devenrai1 by Beginner
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L3 port in Switch keep on getting hang

Hi Team, I have one ISP link terminated in switch. Switch model is WS-C3560G-24PS. interface GigabitEthernet0/24 no switchport ip address Changed the IP. Default Route to  ip route Network ...

Command to determine up-link on 6509 switch

Hi All, request your help. I was wondering is there a command to determine uplink ports in enterprise network. If i  know the IP we can trace the uplink port however what if no IP address is available or if the uplink is down, incomplete network diag...

3560 Load Hanging up

Hi, I am having issues with both of my 3560 (WS-C3560-48TS-S) switches. They both boot and pass POST however once it makes it to a certain section it both hang up. I appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks

Resolved! DHCP Configuration in Core Switches

Dear Professionals  I have two locations and both locations have Core Switches installed. Location names are factory-1 and factory-2. Both locations have DHCP configured in their core switches and these two locations are connected with fiber. Access...

NetFlow Stats

what exactly bytes shows in show ip flow top-talkers. IPV4 SRC ADDR           IPV4 DST ADDR                TRNS SRC PORT       TRNS DST PORT              bytes            pkts =============           ===============            ==============       =...

QoS for p2p

Hello.Can someone help me to create a QoS policy that restricts p2p (bittorent) traffic to 10% of the ADSL bandwidth when other traffic exists on network but use all the bandwidth if there is no other traffic? My router is 877w,  (C870-ADVIPSERVICES...

GNS3 can't import from another computer

I create one GNS project in computer1, and how to import to computer 2? i use GNS3 in computer 1, I save one project called MPLS, then I use Explorer and  copy directory users\xyz\MPLS to another computer into user\xyz directory, then I try to open p...

Mary by Beginner
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2610XM Terminal Server Issues

Hello Everyone,  I am a newbie to the forum. I recently purchased a lab kit that has 2 x 3560 and 2 x 2960 (one 2960 is PoE). I have a 2610XM Access Server connected to all routers and switches however there is a problem I am experiencing with 3560's...

router 3745 ios crashed

hello i have cisco router 3745 and ios have crashed, just open at rommon only i want how i get ios to upload to router and boot form flash . plz help i dont have ios file thanks

amr.hgz by Beginner
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