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Currently we have 4 remote sites and one main site The main site has 2 redundant 250M connections to the ISP VPLS circuit All remote sites have 2 redundant 50M connections to the same ISP VPLS I have assigned routed ports on all connections and basic...

collinsjl by Level 1
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                   Hi,i am installing a cisco 4500X switch and the power cord required is a c15 - c14 because of the pdu we are using.The one that has shipped from cisco is a different connector and cannot be used. i wanted to find out if CAB-C15-CBN...

Nick wfd by Level 1
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Hi can someone help me i'm novice on cisco product i've 3 switchs SW1 SF300-24P IP Phones Fe1-Fe12 ->192.168.69.x AccessPoint Fe13-Fe15 ->192.168.2.x AccessPoint Fe16 ->192.168.1.x VoIP DHCP Ge1 -> SW2 SG200-26 Computers Ge1-Ge12 ->192.16...

Follwing my last question I can't communicate  beteen the lans that are separted by the Frame Relay Switch/Modem. Why? Here is the link to the pkt. It  iwas created by 6.3 Version (Only Packet tracer 6.3 and above will open) https://drive.google.co...

Community, Im currently studying for the CCNP SWITCH exam and had a question regarding the RSTP Topology Change mechanism. I understand that the only instance where a TCN is sent from a switch running RSTP is when a non edge port goes forwarding. Th...

Craddockc by Level 3
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I see from the document "Understanding Layer 3 Etherchannel Support on the Cisco ISR" that the HWIC-4ESW does NOT support port-channel configuration.    I was wondering if that is the same for the HWIC-4ESG in a C3945? So far, my configuration tests ...