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Layer-3 Switching with SG-300 52

Hello, I have just bought a CISCO SG-300 52 Switch and a CISCO 2811 Router. I am trying to configure SG-300 on Layer 3 mode which is done and InterVlan routing works well. However, my hosts can not communicate with router, although I can ping router'...

HSRP confusions)

Hello to EveryoneI am currently practicing Hot Standby Router Protocol(HSRP) in packet tracer (I uploaded packet tracer file here)to provide redundancy in network. I configured network routers ,host and server with ip addresses ,hsrp and routing prot...

OSPF question

I am curious what the best way would be to redistribute routes using ospf. The company I currently work for has 10 sites connnected via ipsec vpn tunnels. A vpn tunnel from each site to each site. I would like to redistribute the routes from all site...

MPLS failover with VPN?

Hi all,We currently have an MPLS with BGP for interoffice connectivity. I want to have the ability to have one of the branch offices failover to a VPN to the main office through another internet link if the MPLS goes down (which it does often). Whats...

dmurray14 by Beginner
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EIGRP Routing Router to HSRP Switches

Hi  I have the following setup at one of my sites, 2 core 3560 switches with IPBase, they are running HSRP for failover. I will be connecting a router into the switches and run EIGRP just so that the router has visibility of the internal networks and...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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QOS bandwidth customization

Hello,i have a 1 MB link on a router which is divided as follows 256kbps for 4 voice calls, 500kbps for 1 video call, 256kbps for Data, from which i have to achieve the below.Incase data is not transmitting or not available for any instance 5th  voic...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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