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HiI am currently in process of removing around 6 switches from 3750 Stack of 8 Switches. Currently Switch 6 is the Master. I would like to change it to switch 3. I have changed the priority to switch 3 higher than all other switches, so that when ele...

vinovinom by Beginner
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I will try to explain this the best I can. I have a 6513 Cisco core switch and will need to plug into a port on the Cisco 6513 to connect to a Cisco 2960-C POE switch. I need POE because I will be plugging in some shoretel phones to this switch. I ne...

Hi team,I have a problem with add vrf on a interface:SWxxx(config)#ip vrf xxx-xxxSWxxx(config-vrf)# rd x:xSWxxx(config-vrf)#exitSWxxx(config)#SWxxx(config)#interface GigabitEthernet2/0/10      SWxxx(config-if)# no switchportSWxxx(config-if)# ip vrf f...

squilez by Beginner
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HI experts,I am configuring my 4500 core switch as a DNS server but IP DNS SERVER command is not working...Sup:- ws-x45-SUP7L-EIOS:- cat4500e-universalk9.spa.03.05.03.e.152-1.e3.bin Please assist Suhas

The 3750 has today the file structure where System image file is "flash:/c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-58.SE2/c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin"When trying  to copy with "copy ftp flash" I get an error message “Image is not a valid IOS image”, I guess...

hhakansson by Beginner
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Hi guys,I have been trying to familiarise myself with BGP and have come across an issue that I would like some assistance with. My set up is as follows:I have 2 routers and 2 switches (L3)  R1 connects to R2 and uses BGP               R1 G0/0> 10.10....

sisqo2006 by Beginner
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I have a cisco 1900 series router and two modems from two different ISPs; i also have 24-port switch connecting some ubiquiti access points to the network. The configuration i want to achieve is to have one of the ISPs as the primary network and if f...

buzzhani1 by Beginner
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Hello,I want to understand the significance of NEXT HOP Address in FIB. If adjancency tables are there which can point to L2 address then why do we need to have next hop address at all in FIB?Is it kept because of the load balancing ?Thanks for your ...

We have a Catalyst 4510R which shows 99 - 100% CPU utilization most of the time.  We are running ENTSERVICESK9-M v 12.2(53) SG2.  Sho process cpu sort: Cat 4K Mgt LoPri is high @ 89%, Sho platform health: K5 L2 Hardware Addre is 86% and sho platform ...

I have a console connection to my switch (an rg45 to serial) The serial is a flat ribbon dongle cable that has pins on the motherboard and uses a bracket. When i go into putty on my win 7 64 bit system . i just get a blank terminal screen. This is th...