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cable modem to 3750

I have Cox Cable with a DHCP IP address. I want to connect my cable modem to my 3750. I have fa1/0/1 connected to the modem. I have a few other devices I would like to connect to the rest. I can get an IP from Cox on fa1/0/1. My switch will pass out ...

mikerocom1 by Beginner
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Why all packets dropped with %SW_DAI-4-DHCP_SNOOPING_DENY: 1 Invalid ARPs error msg for arp inspected vlans for DMZ and Backup

Hi,We have got cisco 3759 switch where the followign line was configrued onlyip arp inspection vlan 6,100And on those vlans no arp inspection trust was configrued. DMZ and backup servers were connected on that switch. Switch got restarted wihtin 5 mi...


Preciso de uma ajuda. tenho vlan1 mask gw cabeadavlan2 mask gw  wireless sendo que o e o servidor de squid como gw  como faco para apontar o vlan2 para o ...

Mac-address table build up

Hi,i want to know what are the packet types a switch considers to build a Mac-address table.Does it consider packets like ARP (query & response) & DNS (query & response) to build its mac-address table ?  

High CPU utilization on 2960 switch

Hi I have a 2960 switch connected in my network. It is showing high CPU utilization upto 80-90%. When I checked I found that the below processes are taking the highest utilization. The image in the switch is LAN base. Can someone please advice on why...

ASR1000 Problems!

Hi there, We have: Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.11.01.S - Standard Support ReleaseCisco IOS Software, ASR1000 Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.4(1)S1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2) When it boot, it start flooding to console this m...

Boot process failed on 3750X

Was wondering if someone knew a fix for this error.  I've loaded c3750e-ipbasek9-mz.150-2.SE7.bin on multiple 3750X-48PF-S but this one in particular is dying mid-boot.  It looks like its going to boot, I get the @@@@@.....for about a minute and then...

lonmc1977 by Beginner
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layer 2 issue

I have a frame with dest mac A getting to gateway which has a mac of B. How is that possible. Mac A is the mac of a device present on LAN. Question is how does the frame get to gateway using a different dest mac than the gateway's mac.

Congestion Resolution: MPLS TE?

I am curious if this is possible to resolve congestion.   Currently you would have an OSPF network with 1.3 gigs of traffic flowing to a point in the network that has multiple paths. However one of those paths is 1 gig and the other is only 500 mb.  ...

digisnoc1 by Beginner
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trust and DSCP re-marking

Hi,I am confused. I have a SX20 Codec connected to a 3750 switch. The port that it is connected to has the "mls qos trust dscp" command configured on it. When I run the "show mls qos interface <interface number>" command, I get the response that the ...

jironside by Beginner
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