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I need help.I want to display the dBm level  on a QSFP+ interface. The <show interface e10/1 transceiver detail> command display a level of  0dBm.   Software  BIOS:      version 2.12.0  kickstart: version 6.2(10)  system:    version 6.2(10)  BIOS com...

Hello,We need to replace old Nexus 5020 (NX-OS 5.2.1) by Nexus 5596 (NX-OS 7.0.5)We are trying to use the "provision model" command in the target N5596 config in order to pre-provision the N2Ks currently connected on the N5020;The problem is that non...

guillerm by Level 1
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Resolved! VRF on switchports

Hi All,  My customer is  having two networks terminated on one 6500. He wants to isolate these two network from each other. He was thinking in  creating two VRFs but the  quiestion is hwo we can do this on ports configured as L2 ?. If VRF can't be co...

seegomaa by Level 1
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Hello,I'm trying configure an etherchannel with 16 TenGiga ports, but when I configure the ninth port the switch show an error message: Command rejected (Port-channel249, Te1/5/32): Channel group limit reached As I knew, the limited port number in a ...

The port link aggregation is not working between Cisco switch and Juniper switch. Below is the configuration. Anything not right? Please advise. Many thanks.Cisco:interface FastEthernet0/21 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk c...

Hi,I have 3750 switches installed as my core switch. There are 4 switched stacked all together. we have configured VRF having my communication links terminated here.I am not able to use IP accounting command. After searching on net, it become clear t...

Hi,I have a pair of WS-C2960X-48TS-L switches and an ASR9010 router. All switches and ASR9010 router are using GLC-SX-MMD SFP.I have connected C2960X uplink SFP to ASR9010 SFP using multi-mode Fiber, and I can observe that the link was up from ASR901...

lwlim8888 by Level 1
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