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Resolved! Trunk link between two 2960 switches

 I have two Cisco 2960 and there is a trunk link between them of 100 mbps but the problem i am facing right now is that my trunk link goes down after 30 mins. i have no idea why this is happening after 29 mins of smooth run this things happens and po...

M Talha by Beginner
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Hi,Can I don policy based routing using qos-group?If I mark a packet with qos-group 1 and that packet goes to the other end directly connected router, will that router also see this packet with qos-group 1 or not?Any supporting URLs will help.Regards...

souagarw by Cisco Employee
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API for End of Support on Hardware?

Hi, We're putting together a forecast of expiring equipment. While we have Cisco Prime which can help with this, we're working to get it repaired (it's not reporting correctly). I've managed to gather a list of devices, serial numbers, and model numb...

Management vlan

HiI'm confused on the management vlan and how to set this up.So say I have a flat network with 10 switches with everyone in vlan 5 with a subnet of /23I see that it's bad practice to you your management vlan and data vlan the same.If I cr...

Home network with ASA; DLNA issue

Hello all,I apologize if this isn't the correct forum for this post; I wasn't sure where else to post.In summary:  I have a PS3 that will not detect my virtualized DLNA media server.  Everything is on the same subnet (  My ASA5505 is my ...

Resolved! Quick OSPF question

OK, I have two L3 switches running OSPF. One is in area 0 and area 120 (ABR) and the other is in area 120 but also redistributes connected and static subnets (making it an ASBR?). The ABR is configured with area 120 nssa no-summary and the other with...

Resolved! which switch for a new 16 floor Building

Hi Guys.  I am in the process of designing a network for a 16 floor building.  The network is going to Include around 400 IP Cameras- all POE or UPOE going back to a central location.  Everything is going to be Multicasting. My questions are: What sw...

3750 DHCP Pool Exhaustion Issue

Hi all,I've ran into an issue with a dhcp pool on a WS-C3750-48P running  c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-50.SE2.  The UserVoice2 pool (see below) has  run out of addresses but should still have 10 left - debug ip dhcp  server events shows clients trying t...