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I configured switch1 and switch3. Between switch1 and switch3 (via fiber patch cable) both access and voice vlan are working. But when i put switch 2 between sw 1and sw 3 voice vlan not working. Is it possible?

Resolved! EOL clarification

   When looking at the eol notes for say a 3750G switch and it says  End of Vulnerability/Security Support:OS SW  , January 31,2016  .  Does this mean there will be no more IOS updates for this switch model after this date even for security holes or ...

glen.grant by VIP Alumni
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Dear All,Is there anyway to create extended vlan(from 1006 to 1010) on my cisco 7604? These are existing customer vlan which I planned to move to this 7604 but unfortunately cant. I believe only FDDI and Token ring vlan unable to remove. Expert pleas...

Kumaran83 by Level 1
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Hello,We have a 2960 48 port switch in a remote office with a couple of VLANs (VOIP & Data).  The L3 routing is provided via the WAN router and acts as a 'router on a stick' and provides DHCP for both VLANs.I need to enable DHCP snooping and I have i...

Hi All, i have two nexus switch 9300 using as server farm i want to use them ineast of two C3750 switches,on C3750 no spanning-tree configuation on it, so if i want to configure peer switch under vPC domain it mentioned must configure spanning-tree p...

Steev112 by Level 1
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Hi I have configured NAT on my cat6500 (IOS version). However, it works with ping and web, but not ssh: configuration assume as: private subnet and machine is vlan 10  ip address  ip nat inside nat subnet:int...

julxu by Level 1
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Hey guys, Bare with me, as I am Cisco newbie and not too familiar with their setups.I essentially want to be able to use the web interface of the router to configure VPNs, port forwards, etc. and not use CLIs. Just got a Cisco 891FW Router for a clie...

jbenoza21 by Level 1
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So in regards to network statements – I found the following tutorial on a blog but had a question on a part I just can’t wrap my ahead around – first I will post the section I do not understand then I will post the tutorial. For the broken pic links ...

rival9217 by Level 1
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Hi  I have a cisco WS-C6509-E setup as a VSS pair. I am not clued up on the eol notices for these. Are the end of life notices on the chassis on the supervisor.Chassis dates showEndOfSalesEndOfContractRenewalEndOfSupportNov 1, 2006August 1, 2012Nov 3...