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T568A and T568B

Hi All,I know that these two are the wiring shemes for the utp cables for connecting to rj45 connector.Actually if we connect both the ends in either T568A OR T568B, then it is called as a straight through cable.And if we connect one end as T568A an...

Multicast LockDown

Dear All,What is the command to reduce the Multicast Group managed by the Randevouz Point?ON regular IOS is ip pim rp-address CORE1IP access-list MULTICASTACLbut on the NX-OS we were unable to find a similar command:Any  ideas?Many thanks,Francesco

Switching Issue Between Server on UCS and ASA

I am setting up networking between our home office and our disaster recovery site so that we can replicate between our Avamar grids. I wanted to get the networking in place before we move the equipment to the DR site. To simulate the server on the DR...

snowmizer by Beginner
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Syslog Server Settings

Hello Experts,We are in process of configiuring the Network devices to send the logs to syslog server that we newly setup in our enviornment. Below is the config that we did over the network devices:conf tlogging host transport udp port ...


Can someone please explain me the terms DTE and DCE ? These are confusing a lot.Any link or doc is also fine.Thanks in advance.Regards, Chandu       

Problem routing between VASI interfaces - ASR

Hi all,I am testing a new setup using VASI interfaces on a ASR1001 router , but I am not able to communicatie through this logical VASI pair.I have read a few documents which are availble, which aren't too many btw, but I seem not to get the hang of ...

15.1(2)SY1 on Catalyst 6500

Hi,We are planning to upgrade two of our Catalyst 6500 switches to version 15.1(2)SY1 Advanced IP Services.The switches have dual supervisors and are currently running version 12.2(33)SXI11, but we have faced some issues and also would also like to e...

net-harry by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 3750 etherchannel configuration

I have cisco3750 switch i am trying to make ether channel on that switch below is the configuration i have done on same switchinterface GigabitEthernet1/0/23 switchport mode trunk speed auto 10 100 1000 duplex full channel-group 1 mode on!interface G...

Resolved! 887VA struck in Rommon mode

My Router always boots in rommon mode even though I boot the image from usb and cleared the complete flash and coped the ios from usb but i am unable to boot from flash not even with commandboot flash: (ios file name)when it starts System Bootstrap, ...