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Hi,I have a pair of Nexus setup for VPC and ospf. Based on the Cisco VPC best practice on http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/design/vpc_design/vpc_best_practices_design_guide.pdf on page 78, I was wondering for a point to...

Dear All,i have problem related to trunking between my distribution switch and access layer switch. i formed a trunk on my cisco 3550interface GigabitEthernet0/5switchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswitchport mode trunkand on my 2960 asinterfaces giga...

M Talha by Level 1
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Alright all ye experts, I have a situation I'm hoping to pick your brains on.  Here's the setup: Two 4510R+E with Sup7Es in a remote campus running VSS.  The VSL for the VSS was configured on two of the 10Gb ports off of the supervisor (in a port-cha...

I have a public ip address that I want to Nat, however it belong to the backup internet which is on standby for failover, the primary internet I dont have public static ip address, can I use the backup internet static ip address to do 1 to 1 Nat for ...

I have an 881 router configured with 2 dhcp WAN connections.  I am trying to configure failure detection of the primary connection (I do not really care about the secondary at this time).I have an ip sla/track configured to monitor the primary WAN co...

Hi,Is there any way of looking at what mac address are present on each individual interfaces on a switch ( which is in private-vlan )Below is a switch port configuration enabled for private vlan.doing a show mac address table doesn't indicate any out...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Hi guys,Need some help for my cisco switch 2960. It was brand new. We already configured it and mounted it. we can already ssh the device but the weird thing is, there are times that we cannot access it and have it restarted. There are still no conne...