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What does the below Nat meansaccess-list PAT_EXTRANET_HEALTH extended permit ip object-group RFC1918 host (INSIDE) 25 access-list PAT_EXTRANET_HEALTHroute EXTRANET 1 

can i assign a trunk port to the interface connected to a pc??..i tried it in pkt tracer but strangely it worked with vlan 1 but not with vlan 2 or any other vlan

we have a few questions about the cat 3750 with IOS SLB.1)can we use the IOS SLB for http load balancing at cat 3750?2)where can i download contents of IOS SLB at cat 3750?thunk you.

Intrastucuture:9x3750E stacked switch (WS-C3750E-48PD-SF0) (15.0(1)SE2            C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M)2x10Gbe uplinks from EMC NASAt a basic level, we have found that the 10Gbe uplinks have slow read performance with or without a port-channel config...

A few weeks ago, I tagged all the connected and static subnets being redistributed in to OSPF. This is used to filter out certain routes at our edge (using a route-map).It seems at around the same time (there were other changes at that time as well, ...

I have a 4503 with a SupII+TS w/12 POE ports. While connecting some AP's to this switch, only 10 of the 11 AP's are receiving power, with the 11th port showing power-deny status. Is there any way to get this last AP to power up (short of using a POE ...

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