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Cisco CE500 restarting.

One of our buildings has a 24-port poe CE500 that restarts about 2 times a day. I've swapped it out with another CE500 and also swapped out the UPS, however I am still getting reboots once a day. Do you know what would be causing a reboot? I've check...

Network Devices Latest Version - CISCO

Hi Team,We plan to upgrade latest version for the below network devices, Please give us advice about recomended latest version?Nexus 7K Current Version : version 5.2(1)Nexus 5K Current Version : version 5.0(3)N1(1c)Nexus 1000v Current Version : 4.2(1...

LAN switched network

anyone know what the average bandwidth for a company based on LAN games and Online games are?(it could be any game)what factors must take into account to design a LAN switched network based on hierarchical model?cheers

Catalyst 4500-X, VSS, and SVI

Hello, everybody!I have a proyect to implement the feature VSS, with two catalyst 4500-X, it will be the layer Core/Distribution.So, I want integrate in the catalyst 4500X, Inter vlan routing (SVI)  and vtp domain,  in the layer access, we´ll have  S...

Enterprise design help

Gents We are building a new site with 8 floor each floor will have around 300 people plus WAP.........as standard we will be conecting to MPLS private WAN cloud via BGP back to the datacentre.....i have couple of questions and need some help:in core ...

VOIP phone not getting IP from correct VLAN

Hello,(sorry not sure if it is a VOIP or Switch issue)We are installing a couple of VOIP phones in a new office, the VOIP service is hosted and the phones are Yealink. Off these VOIP phones are PC, but both the phone and PC get an IP from the DATA VL...

Andy White by Participant
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%SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 6416.8db2.8742 in vlan 4 is flapping between port Gi0/46 and port Gi0/47

Recieving Mac flapping on the ports going to Building A and B.  Mac address is actually the address of vlan 4 gateway virtual interface at building A.  This happens for the most part everday around 1PM.  It brings down the Vlan until you reset either...

Resolved! Advice on what IOS should i upgrade 4503

Hi everyone,We have 4503 with current version Version 12.2(25)EWA10,.As per link below  cisco says current ios is vulnerable.http://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20090908-tcp24They did not provide to what IOS ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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SLIP interface connected to POS system

                   I have a async slip interface off of a 819 4G router that I can not get to work with a POS, I am using the same config that a 2801 currently uses with a 2 port serial hwic (that one works fine).  Below is a snipit of my config and ...

Ahammon by Beginner
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How to Block Netflix on cisco IOS

I'm trying to block netflix from our network using a catalyst 3550 switch, I can't just block www.netflix.com, but want to block the word "netflix" as a whole that way i'm assured that i will block it for sure.

only1gmose by Beginner
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Resolved! ospf question

Hi AllIs there anyway with OSPF to know what's the backup route for a specific destination like eigrp does with the "sh ip eigrp topo [subnet]" ?Thanks

New Network Design

Hi all,At the moment our network infrastructure is made up of 6 x 3560-E's and 2 x Cisco ASA 5510, running in Active/Standby. The 3560's are interconnected via 2Gbs EtherChannel port groups as we were hitting bandwidth limits on the 1Gb ports. We hav...

Adam G by Beginner
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