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Hello all,I'm still pretty new in the Cisco world, and i'm configurating my first 6509-E with SUP720-3B.This 6500 will do eBGP (default route) and iBGP to another Cisco device, nothing special at that point.A bunch of L2 switches will be connected to...

Hi all,Recently, I'd connected a 2960 together with a 3750-X2960 - Port G0/1 (WS-C2960-24TT-L - SW: Version 15.0(2)SE2)3750-X Port G1/0/9 (WS-C3750X-48 - SW: Version 15.0(2)SE2)CRC and Input Error increase equally, only on 3750-X:21895 input errors, ...

Hi,When I check the logs in Cisco Nexus 7k, it is giving some STP logs for port-type edge enabled interface. Is this normal or is there anything to check on this.interface Ethernet8/18  switchport  switchport access vlan 1234  spanning-tree port type...

Ajay Raj by Level 1
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Hi,Consider a L3 switch with multiple SVIs:Interface VLAN 10 - VLAN 20 - VLAN 30 - VLAN 7 - all SVI IPs can be used to manage the switch.  I want to be abl...

Hello,I have a issue with a specific laptop.When it gets plugged into  vlan x I can see port-security errors! If i remove port-security config from the port it wont get an dhcp.If I change the port to vlan y it works straightaway with or without port...

Srin_G by Level 3
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I am working on a project at work and need some suggestions. I need to develop a LAN health check process/guideline to perfrom LAN health checks.I am evaluating some tools from Solar Winds and would like to try some from cisco, any ideas on what i co...

We have an ASA 5505 and Cisco 1240AG wireless Access points. We have the internal LAN, and a public and Private Wireless networks on different Vlans. The organization is an arena so at times we have a lot of people on the public wireless. When this h...

jason0923 by Level 1
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