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877 internal NATed subnet

                   Hi Guys,My name is Paul and I work as a Junior Network Engineer for a small company based in South London. I have been tasked with adding a NATed subnet to our internal LAN (for testing purposes) which I have managed to achieve but...

Nexus 5548 L3 Performance

Hi,I´ve a performance Problem with a N5K and a N55-D160L3-V2.L2 Connections work fine, but the inter VLAN Traffic is very slow.The maximum Throughput is 6 MB/s.Any Idea ?Here some Information:sh modMod Ports  Module-Type                      Model   ...

Cisco Network Analysis Module -restarting

Hi All I have installed Cisco Network Analysis Module. problem is that this modul restart almost every day but I do not know reason here is log:DateTimeMessage1.     13 Sep      21:44:21     *** ART Metric Engine post initialization done. ***2.     1...

Multiple VLANs on One Access Port

Hello,I work in an industrial environment. We have three 2960S switches that I am trying to enable for an additional access VLAN, which will strictly be a machine network (PLC's and industrial equipment). My hope is to be able to use our current infu...


Im studying for CCNP switch right and was trying to figure out what happens to communication if the links from the Active switch to the core go down and their the connection between the active and standby, would all the traffic go to the active switc...

Resolved! Can we prevent traffic in a LAN

Hi community,Our customer have many VLANs which have our router subinterfaces as default gateways to the Internet. Now for security reason, our customer want to prevent traffic between hosts in a VLAN. Of course we can divide VLANs into small subnets...

minh_hieu by Beginner
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Resolved! boot config flash

Hi.  I would like to know if my router has below command.  May I know the startup process of cisco router will load the startup-config file to NVRAM for router opeartion or it keeps using flash:startup-config file to updateboot-startup-markerboot con...

alan-wong by Beginner
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Resolved! QOS 3750 and routeur 2811

Hello,I've one visio conference Polycom and i want to add qos on my Switch 3750 and on my router 2811.I research the best configuration.My visio need to 512 Kb/s.I've IP Phone AASTRA and an old QOS on my switch :macro name vlan12-iphoneswitchport mod...

NetBegv85 by Beginner
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6509 configuration

Hi all, One of our client has 6509-E chassis with 2 SUP 720. They purchased 6506-E and placed one of the SUP to this chassis. They have performed configuration on new 6506 but now for some reason they want to place SUP back to 6509. What will happen ...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Resolved! POE Blade on 4506 switch

ForumSome time ago, a Customer of mine purchased the following blade and installed it in their 4506 switch.NAME: "Linecard(slot 4)", DESCR: "10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)V with 48 10/100/1000 baseT voice power ports (Cisco/IEEE)"PID: WS-X4548-GB-RJ45V , VI...