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Wireless Network Setup

I have two modems that are connected to a gigabit switch in the basement with  cat 5e hardwired connections going to 15 rooms in a house. I have a wrvs4400n that I would like to connect to one of these hardwired connections. Is this possible? I think...

Resolved! vtp in nexus switch for vlans

Hi,We want to cascade two nexus 5K switches together. I believe, this is possible. But, do we need to enable anything specifically before trunking these two together?Is there some special configuration to do the trunking of two nexus switches or norm...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Enterprise Router for small business

HelloI need a few suggestions on a enterprise class router (customer request) for a small office (about 10 users and growing).I have a client that has about 10 users an looking for a modular router that will take Eth as WAn handoff, and be able to ac...

NX-OS OSPF route filtering

Hello, I am working with NXOS ospf config and I need to filter routes coming into a specific switch. All my devices are in the same area. I have two exit points across a WAN via BGP. I am not redistributing BGP into OSPF. In IOS you can do a distribu...

Help regarding gns3

Hi,I'm preparing for CCNA using Gns3 but i'm unable to creat anything. Getting the below error. Can someone please get me out of this ?When ever i start a topology i started getting these.Regards,Chandu

Poe not working randomly in all the modules

Hi Team,We facing a issue with our 6513 chasis,In that we are getting POE gone faulty randomly in many ports.Please advice the sameWhen we connect CISCO IP phone on the port, the POE Operational status of the port goes to FAULTY. The same phone works...

AK002 by Beginner
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Industrial Ethernet design issues

Fellow engineers,I have been given an assignment to design an industrial Ethernet network and since I don't have any experience in doing so, I signed up on this forum to get your opinion and comments on my current design proposal. Main requirement is...

jayP00000 by Beginner
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Procurve <> CIsco Trunk connectivity

Hello , We have existing network in which CIsco 6513 is core switch and access swicth is Cisco Express 500 , we are replacing the Cisco 500 with HP Procurve switch as new access switch . I have put below configration on both sides . Will be great if ...

Resolved! ROMMON CV value in sup720 / 6500 VSS

Hi all,our customer did a successfully eFSU on Catalyst 6500 VSS. After checking the issu state w/ "show issu state detail" he is seeing that output:sh issu state det                          Slot = 5                      RP State = Active           ...

~chris by Beginner
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