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I would like to create an etherchannel between a 3925 router and a 3850 switch. I am using two of the internal ports on the router, as I can not create the etherchannel on the switch card I haveI would like a layer 3 interface between the two devices...

Resolved! NSSA confusion

Hi all, I just needed to confirm one thing. I know that if i have 2 ABRs connected to NSSA area one of them will be selected as the translator. Now when i look at the ospf database, i can see external entry by one ABR only which is fine. But when i l...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Hi, in vPC configuration in case of dual-active the secondary vPC-peer susends all it vPC-Ports.In addition to that its possible to suspend the orphan-ports (which are not connected via vPC) as well by configuring under the interfacehttp://www.cisco....

What's the difference between these two approaches and which one is recommended in what scenarios? ip access-list extended ICMPpermit icmp any any class-map ICMPmatch access-group name ICMPvs class-map ICMPmatch protocol ICMP

Dear all,Does any one know the full name of part number as below?1- WS-C3650-48FS what is full name WS, FS?2- WS-C3650-48TQwhat is full name TQ?3-  WS-C2960X-48FPD-Lwhat is full name X , FPD-Ldo you have link to show on this ?Best Regards,Rechard

rechard_hk by Beginner
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Hi All,           I am seeing odd CPU utilization on Cisco switches. The thing is when no body login to switch the CPU utilizationis around 55 - 58 %. ( Result from monitoring chart and when I login and check CPU, I can see the five min is around 57%...

Hi,We have Cisco 4507R-E and we see a high CPU even at nights when there is no much more traffic on the switch. Here are the some cpu cpmmand outputs.sh proc cpu sort  69    52873350   108228799        488 13.35% 10.93% 10.60%   0 Cat4k Mgmt LoPri   ...

hi all ,i have iphone 5 with ios 7.0.3 (11b511)the proiblem is when i use  cisco vpn on iphone , it is connected on iphone ,but  dont work !!!!and the subnet that should be reached from vpn  ,  is un accessible and cant ping it .note that i can ping ...

Dr.X by Explorer
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I recently swapped out a 3750 stack with a 3850 stack and I am not getting the same results when I am spanning a port.I am mirroring the switchport connected to the inside of our ASA and sending the traffic to the switchport of my IDS.  I have notice...

The existing network structure of our vessel when i get onboard is detailed below:                                                                                                                                                      /---- Bridge Switc...

                   hi ,please help me in solving these questions?1) what will switch first check when a frame enters its port, is it VLAN or D MAC? 2)in STP when a switch with higher BID(>root BID) is added to the network  and which wont form any loo...