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Hi everyone, I am currently struggling at having my radius server working on my Nexus 5548.To make it short and clear (hopefully) :The internal core network is made up of a bunch of Nexus 7k with out of band management through vlan interfaces and a d...

Good evening,I have purchased a new 2960 - S switch catalyst and have configured one SVI (interface -Layer 3). But my problem is that can't to use the show ip route command on this model. This device has the universalk9 flash. Thanks in advance!

Hi,On a 3750X that is routing vlans, is there a mechanism to treat one particular vlan differently so it cannot be routed?This switch is connected an ASA inside interface and to the same ASA dmz interface (not our recommended way of doing things) but...

lcaruso by Level 6
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Hello,My workstation can resolve domain name, but my router cannot I receive the following:Router#ping www.google.comTranslating "www.google.com"...domain server ( ( ( ( Unrecognized host or address, or protoc...

onlize111 by Level 1
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 I have got 2 switches facing to each other through an L3 etherchannel:SW4(config-if)#do sh ip eigrp neiEIGRP-IPv4 Neighbors for AS(10)H   Address                 Interface       Hold Uptime   SRTT   RTO  Q  Seq                                       ...

I recently moved the subnet into a VRF.  After doing so I realized this broke one of my NAT translations:ip nat inside source static tcp 22 interface GigabitEthernet1/1 9022I located the following document: http://www.cisco.c...

Hi everybody Basic question, I would like to know how much traffic the is switch forwarding in Layer 2.In other words, a simple set of counters that in an aggregated way includes statistics from all interfaces.Any show commands or SNMP MIBs are welco...

ewaizel by Level 1
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I have a cisco 871 router and I am not able to make a pppoe connection with ISP.Config:Building configuration...Current configuration : 2043 bytes!version 12.4no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno ...

Hi, L3 switch (routing) -----  ISP (private MPLS) ----- L2 switch (2960 - Main Comms Room) ---L3 Switch (3750) (satelite cab) I have a question regarding the above design and to implement this.  We have a l3 switch and another office to connect. But ...

Hi, I have setup a vlan interface for our guest wifi. Our internal network uses the outside interface IP for it's NAT. I would like the guest network to use a different IP address.If I specify the IP address to use, it does not work. If I change it t...

Hi Cisco Guru,I have a problem with my Cisco Router, here I Attach the show run my router :version 15.3service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-encryption!hostname Router!boot-start-markerboot-end-mar...

hendramit by Level 1
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