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Replication Latency - One Way

                   Hello,I am looking for any assistance with an issue I am having.  Within my network, I have two NetApp enclaves that replicate with each other.  These hang off of separate switches, one at our primary site and one off of our second...

Thanks everybody, Just got my CCNP

Hi everybodyI just passed my CCNP tshoot exam on 2nd attempt.  It took me 1.5 years to get it (  My job is quite different, I work with electronics so what I do at work and what i do at home( studying for CCNP) is different)I want to thanks Peter Pal...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Configuring VLAN to split Switches into 2

Hi guys,This is my first time configuring VLAN on Cisco switch.My main purpose of configuring VLAN is to break broadcast domain inside a switch into 2 separate VLAN. I have created the 2 VLAN and assign the port to it. However I don't know how to rem...

QoS for Beginners

Hey - I want to enable some real QoS at a new site as opposed to auto-qos. The site is going to have a 1002 router and 2, 3750X switches. The phone are going to be Nortel. I'm thinking of enabling VLAN-based QoS. I'm referring to a Nortel document fo...

Nexus 7k %ACLLOG-4

Hello, I've started seeing this message "%ACLLOG-4-ACLLOG_MAXFLOW_REACHED: Maximum limit 100000 reached for number of flows" on a Nexus 7010. The NX-OS Systems Messages Reference only offers this for explanation "The maximum flow has been reached in ...

pjbarbiaux by Beginner
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sg200 Lag Setup to Catalyst 3750

Hi All,I am trying to work out how to setup a port channel between a SG200 and 3750 and am having problems. What do I need to do on the SG200 I have added the port into the lag but the port will not come up.If anyone knows what I am missing that woul...

3750 ARP Problem

Hello ExpertsI have 3 stacked 3750 Switches (WS-C3750-48TS, IOS c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-53.SE1) and I've started getting alerts that some of the connected servers are down, and a short time later that they are Up.  The alerts I get are not for all ...

Client MAC Addresses with 01 Prefix on DHCP

Hello,We are observing some weird output on our DHCP bindings.  For some reason when I view DHCP bindings on our main switch it prepends each MAC address of the client with a 01 in front of it.  However if I view the MAC address table it uses the sta...

jcribb by Beginner
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SPAN, SIP and Wireshark

Hello, all!I have cisco 2651 with one L3 interface ip This Cisco is gateway from E1 PRI (PBX Aastra MX-ONE TSW) to SIP (Asterisk). This cisco 2651 connected to cisco 2950 in port Fa 0/12. Fa 0/12 is in VLAN 518 (dot1q).On cisco 2950 i ...

glmonarch by Beginner
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