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Resolved! VLAN is Locally Shut

One of my VLANS on my 3750 gives a status of act/lshut. I've tried no shut commands on the interface to no avail. From my reading it seems like this means the VLAN is active but shut down locally.How would I resolve this issue? Thank you!

Resolved! add 2960 to stack of 4 x 2960 switches

I have an existing stack of 4 x 2960-S switches connected by stack cablesI would like to add another 2960-S switch to the stack but am unable to as the 2960-S will only allow 4 x 2960-S switches per stack.Can you advise how I would add the 5th 2960-S...

GB Port shows (err-disabled)

I've got two two 3560s switchs, (WS-C3560G-48TS-S) that I'm trying to connect to each other using the GB ports over Fibre.  We purchased the following GBICs, SFP 1000SX Transceiver and when we put them in the port it shows (err-disabled).  Below is ...

will adding port channels to a redundant pair of 7000's cause an inconsistancy?

   I have 2 redundant nexus 7000's.  I'm wanting to add the following commands to each of them:            int po 31               switch trunk allowed vlan add 753, 763            int po 32               switch trunk allowed vlan add 753, 763       ...

mathomas by Beginner
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new to vlans and have questions and need help

what we have:sw1: sge2010p (master) layer2sw2: sge2010p (2 in stack) layer2T1 internet (windstream) (dhcp)Comcast internetwin 2008 R2 DC / DHCP server/ ADDC and staff in the  10.0.0.*/24 rangeguest and T1 in the 10.0.10.*/24 range8 AP's with two SSID...

itadmin by Beginner
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Resolved! Cant create VRFs on a 3750X ?

Hi,I am having an odd issue on a couple of new 3750X switches.I am trying to configure VRF-lite and it is not recoginizing the command.ip routing (works ok)ip vrf new_vrf      ^ %invalid inpute detected at '^' markerDoes that make any sense? I have g...

IP Subnetting best practice

Can some provide me documentation on splitting a class C network. I can't think of any good reason other than saving IPs but when your part of an organization that has an entire class B ( that isn't a good enough reason for me. I know at...

netsquant by Beginner
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Can I Access Home Routers?

Hello I'm extremely new to networking and I have a quick question.  Can I access linksys (or any home routers) with software like putty?  Do I have to have an enterprise level router in order to configure and/or practice with?  Thank you for taking t...


We have one core switch and we are planning to add a 6509.  Both are none VSS.All the access switches are Catalyst 3560 series.We plan to have all 3560s to have a link to each of the core. Without VSS, it is not possible to etherchannel to both core ...

rhap4boyz by Beginner
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Resolved! connecting 2 switches together

Hello friends,I am hoping someone can help me figure out what I am missing in my attempt to connect two switches together. What I am attempting to do is to create a new data closest (Closet2) on the other side of the building. My existing setup is li...

Resolved! CRC errors caused by having 2 IPs?

So far, my experience with CRC errors are that they are pretty much 100% hardware related.Usually cables or bad ports, and one time a whole line of switches had a bad chip on the gig port. A couple of days ago, I troubleshot a workstation that had a ...

3750x stacked switches

                   I have two 3750x stacked switches , both with the latest firmware on them. I enter the configuration onto one switch and it obviously copies over onto the other switch. Although in the configuration I have both a console username a...

Route map issue in nexus 7k(PBR)

HiI am facing a strange issue in nexus 7k wherein I have configured a route map  and applied to one of the layer 3 interface(vlan)thge issue is it is working fine for some of  systems connected  belonging to this vlan but doesnt not work for some sys...

sameermunj by Beginner
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