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Query_Regarding_MAC-Address_Aging !

Dear AllI got stuck up with the concept of MAC-Address Aging in a Switched Network. Let's consider the below setup:( normal conditions S...

Resolved! Problem with Cisco 2911 configuration

I have a Cisco 2911 plugged into an HP Switch which also runs fiber to another HP Switch.  Both of these switches run to multiple computers.  There are two networks but only one router.  I can ping anywhere outside from the router and also to any com...

SteveHoyle by Beginner
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ACL Logging

I am trying to find what ports are being blocked via an access list on a switch.  I want to do this via logging on an SSH session and/or console.  I have done the following:1.  I am using ssh and have turned on 'term mon'2.  I have set 'logging conso...

Increased CPU due to Firewall

Hi CSC,I came across a interesting sympton. Please refer to the following topology.host 1 <-> R1 <-> R2 <-> FW<-> host2host 1 is configured to send syslog to host2, however due to firewall ACL is not configured, this has caused a spike to 99% in R1 w...

EIGRP default route

Hi, I have a 3750 at a branch running EIGRP connected to two routers that both have configured:access-list 1 deny 1 permit anyaccess-list 2 permit 2 deny   anyrouter eigrp 1distribute-list 1 out FastEthernet0/0...

sindan by Beginner
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Cisco 6509 With SUP 720 QoS (DSCP) Config

                   So I am configing a 6509 with sup 720 for simple DSCP.  I am sure i am missing something in the config.  Posting the config.  Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.!! Last configuration change at 17:45:28 UTC Thu Jun 21 2012!ver...

Can ssh into one interface but not the other

Hi,I am trying to ssh the 10.1.3.x side from a 10.1.1.x address.I can ssh into my routers int but not the int. My goal is to ssh into and more importantly any dhcp clients of it (10.1.3.x).Current configuration : 1434 byt...

kuesteral by Beginner
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ping delay

Hi Expertsi have 2 Servers connected to same cisco switch i3560 n same L2 VLAN, i ping from Server 1  to Server 2 i got delay 800ms?why is that ?how can i solve this issue?thanksjamil

Policy Based Routing on Catalyst 6500

Hello,I have a problem with Policy Based Routing on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 with IOS ipservicesk9-mz.122-33.SXH2a. I try to redirect traffic, and only that traffic, for machines with private ip address ( to the port TCP/1111 of a server 1...

want to dd a New switch in stack

Hi friends,i want to remove an access layer 3750 48 POE master switch and replace with a  new 3750 switch in the stack. i want to copy the same configuration to new switch since the old switch is having POE issue and I got replacement of the malfunct...

Resolved! NAT difficulties

I need to setup the following:ALL traffic FROM internal IP of needs to be seen on the internet as the public IP of ports 80 and 443 FROM need to be sent to the internal IP of've tried NAT with route maps, bu...

Dan Muntz by Beginner
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LOCAL:Max noise margin for power cutoff 31

Hi allFor a fault on the phone line, my provider replaced the DSLAM  connected to my router and now I can not get more to connect to the internet.I always get the following error: LOCAL:Max noise margin for power cutoff 31DSL(ATM0): Using ITU sync fi...

corrado232 by Beginner
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