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Hi all!please help me in understanding of "mls qos interface stat"I took a switch and connected it to my LANswitch is 2960 with LanBase image and PoEon it I have 3 interfaces in up state - 2 interfaces with cisco phones (6921 and 9951) nad 1 interfac...

Hello Everyone,Ran into a slight problem and looking for some ideas.I have two L3 devices directly connected  to two of my clients routers.The configurations are similar and all routes are learned via OSPFI have HSRP running at the back interfaces No...

We've got Cisco 2821 for our 90mb/s Internet Access. Its CPU usage is around 80%. Show process cpu does not show any cpu proccess with high utilization. But we have got plenty of policing configured for our clients using policy maps. Can this policin...

fgasimzade by Enthusiast
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Hello everyone!The question is - if I set the speed of the switch port to 10mb/s full duplex, do I set it for both download/upload? I mean 10 for download and 10 for upload? If I set the bandwidth of the port to 10mb/s - do I limit upload or download...

fgasimzade by Enthusiast
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Hi Experts,I have only Site-A setup, we are planning to setup of Site-B for Future purpose. Plz find Network diagram and see below Site-A  and Site-B router Config. Note that, Red text indicates that configuration is not incomplete, if you feel that ...

Hello All,I have a problem with extending the LAN on a client site . They are looking to extend the LAN with a 2960S-series switch. Already in place is a 4510 switch which the 2960 is connected to via fibre. The 2 switches are both set up but there i...

Is there anyway to pull the usernames and passwords from a switch via SNMP or write a new username and password to switch via SNMP.  I have switch that was apparently misconfigured and i am not feeling like driving all the way down there to console i...

This question really has two parts to it, and I realize RSTP and EIGRP are two completely different animals.PART 1:What can I expect the average convergance time to be on an RSTP network (issuing the command: spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst on my switc...

Hi,I have VLAN X with MTU 9216 on Switch-A. I also have VLAN Y with MTU 9216 on Switch-B. But not their SVIs are MTU 9216.They are not communicating to each other on packet size of above 1500. This is because SVI VLAN X and SVI VLAN Y connect to each...

S891 by Explorer
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