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there is 2 links between head office and branch office.one is mpls and other is point to point link.i am getting the mpls failover problem.when the head office mpls link goes down(primary link) after 3 min traffic is not switching to the secondary li...

Dear Friend,I have cisco 2800 serice router, and I configured DHCP, NATING AND DNS.Nearly 25 nos computers are connected in that network, And what i want is i want to those mac address only should get internet and if new computer is joined in the sam...

       I need to set up an access list on our core switch so that one BMS server with IP address    can be accessed by all users on the  subnet.interface Vlan370description Meters VLAN 10.123.232.xip address 10.123.234...

Hi Dears.My network consist of that network device. cisco catalyst 3750 with stackwise, 2xnexsus 5000  series and servers.servers connected to nexsus switch. nexsus connect to 3750.each server have two link, one of them connect nexsus1 and other conn...

Hi,I have two cisco 4506-E series switches ..We are planning to go for HSRP redundancy for 32 VLANs.Means In a Cisco 4506-E switch , we will configure 32 vlans and among them 16 vlans will be primary and 16VLANs will be standby ans it is viceversa in...

Ramu Ch by Beginner
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Hi,One of my engineers issued a command to turn off port security on a number of ports using the range command. The command failed on the first attempt due to a tacacs auth failure which I suspect is due to a low tacacs timeout value. The engineer th...

cbeswick by Beginner
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