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                   Hi all,Need to confirm  Fibre optic connections.Laying Fibre from Switch to switch both sides take SFP and it is LC to LC connection.IT goes via 2 fibre patch panels.A side Switch to Patch panel LC cable has has two colors Red and ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi anyone,I have installed a WS-X4448-GB-RJ45 on a 4503 chasis. I could not get input or output rate, just shows 0 bit/seg wether or not is forwarding traffic. I would like to know if I have to make any configuration or workaround. The IOS version is...

lrgpdeste by Beginner
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Hi There - I have got a new 48port Cisco catalyst 4948 switch, which I configured as a VTP client and connected to Cisco 3750 which is a VTP Server (this switch is on production network). I connected port g1/0/48 from 3750 to port g1/48 on 4948 throu...

Peter_mlr by Beginner
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Hi, I am wondering how technically auto-MDIX works (i.e. what is the cause which allow to software replace rx with tx). On one of the page I have found that auto-negotiation must be enabled to have this functionality fully working. Can you please com...

I am trying to implement PBR in order to route certain trafic to a specific destination, but it seems that match statement in route-map is not working as I would like to! The topology is in attachment and router configs are as below:Router1:interface...

I want to send a particular data stream (source-A  destination-B) through only one of two WAN routers to a remote site. The remote site also has two WAN routers. Traffic from source-A will travel through a core and distribution layer of 6500 L3 switc...

jkeeffe by Explorer
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Daer Networkers,I have about (12x) AS 5350 XM installed in a remote site. I would like to know their serial numbers (the one on the sticket outside the AS) I know that this SN begins with JMX and contains 11 characters. When telnetting those AS, and ...

Hi all,Need to confirm few things belowRouter R3 is ABR  and connected to R1.R1 is ASBR as it is redistributing EIGRP into the OSPF.This is what i didR3area 11 nssa no-summary -------------This makes it Totally NSSA right?R1 area 11 nssa.this is what...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,   I been practicing with the configuration of layer 3 etherchannel configuration and i am facing a problem here. I have two 3560 switches and i want a layr 3 ether channel configuration setup between the first 2 ports of bothe the switches. I ass...