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I'm getting ready to replace some old EOL 2960 and 3560 8 port switches. I'm looking at going with 3560CX or C9200CX 12 port switches. PoE doesn't matter. What are peoples experience with the 3560CX and C9200CX switches? What are pros and cons for th...

I have a network of several PCs whose routing is done using a Cisco 3650 switch. I want to use Cisco Jabber for making calls between 2 PCs. The PCs are configured on Vlan 54 and Cisco Jabber is set on Vlan 60. Each time I want to use Cisco Jabber bet...

Hi all,We are having some new 9300 UXM in production replacing the 3850s, and meet a strange issue.There are some old POE devices running well on 3850. But with the new 9300UXM, we can see the port POE status is up, however the port status shows "not...

Hi Guys,   Is it possible to show the exact temperature value on 2960-G? When I issued command "show env temperature", the switch only displayed information below: SW2960G#sh env temperatureTEMPERATURE is OK   But on my other switch, when I issued th...

I have core switches 6509 and server farm switches 4500 and edge switches 3XXX, could there usually be and shutdown and startup plan for them in case we have a power cut and we are on UPS for a limited time? or there is no such things with switches n...

baselzind by Level 6
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Hi Everyone! I would like to enlist your assistance in a question which I have been trying to find an answer to for about 3 days. There is a SW to be tested. For us to be able to test it, the following test environment has been set up (please see the...

Tamas86 by Level 1
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I've been trying to establish a configuration for performing loopback testing and this is the closest I have gotten.  Previously I was getting the message "Destination Host Unreachable" so I've made progress, but it's still not quite right.  Can anyo...

vondoom2 by Level 1
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I'm was looking for inter-vlan routing performance for the two switches.  According to the information on the data sheets the performance for 48 port switches is the same for the CBS350 and C9200. Is that information correct?  

pj5889 by Level 1
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Have a pair of N7K switches (hot standby) running 6.1.  Adding a PBR to a VLAN interface, one switch accepts the command no problem, the other I get "% Could not apply PBR route-map - Tcam Allocation Failure".  Tried rebooting the switch, no change. ...

mpr5231 by Level 1
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