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Hi, can anyone help?I have a WS- C2924C-XL switch that I would like to upgrade the IOS version on. The IOS version in question can only be installled on an 8MB version of this switch, I have tried to confirm the amount of memory present in the device...

Ellerby01 by Beginner
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Could you please give me some advice on ways to improve the layout of my network? I currently have the following equipmentRouterCisco 2821Switches29502950Switches in Stack3750G37503750I've purchased two 2960 gigabit switches to replace the two 10/100...

I am trying to configure redundancy with SSO and I need to get the same IOS on both supervisors.  My issue is that I get an error when I try to copy the IOS from either the sup-bootdisk or the disk0 to the slavesupbootdisk.  The Error is Invalid argu...

cfortune2 by Beginner
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Hi-I'm trying to get directed broadcasts to work(i think that is what i need to use) I have no idea. Does this sound like directed broadcasts would work in my situation?I am running ps3 media server on my ps3 in another subnet, i want to allow broadc...

Hello All,I was wondering if someone could provide some assistance. I have a 4500 and 6500 that I'd like to be able to limit the bandwidth of layer 2 switchports. So for instance I have all GB blades but certain servers I'd like only to have connecti...

Dear All,I am working on Videoconferencing solution between two location.  locations are now being connected through IPSEC site to site VPN.  Since we are having a common internet link for VPN as well other corporate use we have to prioritize the int...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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Hello everyone.I think it is my last resort for help, as i broke my head already over this problem i am experiencing.I have stack of 2 switches 3750s for core networking on the site and a stack of 4 2960-s for distributionMy problem is that my DHCP w...

I have a 2821 Router, with a VWIC2-2MFT card in it, with two T1s going into that card.  The two T1s are a bundled MPLS line. I then have a cable modem connection going into the gigabit Ethernet GE 0/1 port on the router. Right now, the cable modem p...

HiI am trying to use the following commands on the switch but it is not supported:ip route-cache flow     ip flow-export destinationAttached is the output for show version and show module commands from the switch.I will appreciate support from the ci...