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SLB alternatives

I am currently Running a Terminal server farm and distributing traffic to the 6 servers through SLB on 6509. I am moving my routing back from the core to the datacenter and my distribution 4500 switches and aggrigating everything on my 6509s.In the d...

Clarify STP concepts

  Sw101---vlan 10------SW1----vlan 100----- SW3           |                           |                           |    vlan 10                 vlan 10                 vlan 300                |                           |                           |  ...

chengphua by Beginner
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Using role based views !

Hi all experts. i have configured the following on R1username itsupport view ITSUPPORT password cisco123aaa new-modelaaa authentication login default localparser view ITSUPPORT secret 0 ************** commands exec include configrue terminalline vty ...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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6513 crash and start on ROMmon mode

dear all;i have one off 6513 VSS crash and start on ROMmon mode. i solve this issue by remove all crash file from bootflash and redownload image in SP to RP then reset configuration register to default.the crash file was attached your help and suppor...

3750 LACP qos

When we use" auto qos voip trust" on an interface, the following interface commands are generated. srr-queue bandwidth share 10 10 60 20 srr-queue bandwidth shape  10  0  0  0 queue-set 2 priority-queue out mls qos trust dscpI have LACP channel betwe...

IP range

Hiii Team,Maybe it's a simple question, can i use network on class B  to assign private addresses?? for examle: 40thank you

Fadi.1984 by Beginner
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Catalyst 2960/3560/3750 AutoQoS Question

I have seen that when configuring AutoQoS on a Cat 2960 / 3560 / 3750 the default for queue-set 1 is changed but not for queue-set 2, and when applying an Auto QoS command to an interface, queue-set 1 is configured for a Fastethernet interface but qu...

jguemes by Beginner
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Private Vlans- sw access vlan

When configuring a host port with private vlans, you specify it as a private vlan host port and then you do the association.  However, my question is there any changes on the actions of the ports if you configure the access vlan (switch access vlan x...

tsmarcyes by Beginner
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Good morning, I have a 4507.  Two weeks ago the network started to drop in and out and the diagnostic log showed  %C4K_EBM-4-HOSTFLAPPING and it showed flapping between multiple ports with multiple mac addresses.  We replaced the switch with a spare ...

bsciarra1 by Beginner
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CISCO 877W SDM Won't Launch - 404 Error

Hi, Got a second hand 877w from ebay, but the SDM doesn't seems to be working. The command line works fine though. I have tried to upgrade the IOS to 12.4.20T, not helping. After reading this: http://blog.feutl.com/2008/08/29/cisco-sdm-404-error/but ...

How many serial interface on Cisco 3845

Hi.Anybody know how many X.25 can be used in a Cisco 3845 router?HWIC-8A/S-232 * 4 = 32? NM-4T * 4 = 16?Toatl 48?Is it correct?What kind of HWIC and NM is best for X.25? (HWIC-8A/S-232 picture seems to only have 2 interface.)Thanks in advance.

IP Source-Guard

ip source-guard seems like a real handy simple l2 port security feature, yet I hardly ever see or hear of anyone using it.  Is there a performance hit taken when enabling this feature or some other issues that arise?  I've seen port-security turned o...

tsmarcyes by Beginner
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