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Resolved! STP: Root port vs. designated port

ForumI am having difficulty understanding the difference between the root port and a designated port.  Please read the following definitions from Todd Lammle's CCNA study guide...Root port - The root port is always the link connected to the root brid...

VLANs accidentally removed from trunk on Nexus 7K

We have two Nexus 7706 switches in our data center. Both are running 8.2(1). This morning, I went to remove a specific VLAN from a port-profile. This port-profile is tied to several VPC port-channel interfaces (shared across both 7Ks), which are trun...

aweise by Beginner
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Http2955 and telnet Configuring

I have one 2955 Switch out of the case and need to arrange http to associate from the internet browser and need additionally telnet. I followed the manual for designing, setting the passwords and setting ip worker http for example, however doesn't wo...

Wright654 by Beginner
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ARP Issue

Hi Everyone,  I have a problem with our VPN server connected to our switch. The is not replying to arp/ping from the switch but it is reachable from our Firewall.  There are other VM's running on the same Gig0/11 port and the switch can ...


Practical cases to use Port Mirroring

Hello, everyone: I have read about Port Mirroring and I think I get the idea and I also know how to implement it.Now, I would like to know practical and concrete scenarios where I could use it, for instance: a user is having problems with her connect...

Mary Leon by Beginner
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Resolved! Booting to Rommon after copy run start

I have a Cisco 4948e (the silver one not the gross teal one)  I am booting into rommon after copy run start. Config-register is 0x2102This is after the initial setup as I have rebooted the switch with no config just fine. rommon 5 >dir bootflash:   F...

Cisco C9300-48 management port pinging.

Using management port of Cisco 9300 to to connect to my laptop for TFTP connection after configuring both ports with same subnet, TFTP working fine I was able to copy files from laptop to Switch also I was able to ping the switch from laptop but coul...

MaxJ by Beginner
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DHCP not working on SG200-26P

Hi All,we have 3 SG200-26P.SW01 Port 26 -> SW02 Port 25SW02 Port 26 -> SW03 Port 25The problem only extist on SW03.We can't get an DHCP adress on the connected device.Only when I disable the port, save config and reenable the port, save config,I'll g...