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VTP revision numbers

Hi,I have proved myself utterly wrong in the advice I gave to a colleague.He had a consultant setup his network for him. Unfortunately, the guy setup the core (4510) in transparent mode. All the edge switches are setup as clients.My colleague asked w...

IP conflict resolution using LMS 3.0

Hi All,We have 45 cisco l2 switches and 2 L3, we are using LMS 3.0, I want to know how to solve IP conflict problem using LMS?I go to Nework->Object Finder->End Host->IP Address and search IP (which is conflicting) so it displays current switch,port ...

Limit Bandwidth on Cat 6509-V-E

Hi experts,we have a Catalyst 6509-VE VSS Switch. We have a vlan configured for the access to the internet. In these vlan there are a couple of endpoints such of firewalls IDP Systems and those 2 internet (HSRP Standby) router.The problem is that our...

Can't download SDM software

I want to download the SDM software so I can set up a Cisco 871 router.I have made a account and added the product to my cart.When I tick de boxes and click on accept I get the following error:CPR_SERVLET_ERROR, There was a problem while invoking the...

Resolved! STP and VLAN questions

1. Is it possible to configure 2 trunk ports in a switch? If it is, are there any negative effects to the network?2. So in order for me to implement STP on vlan configured switches, i have to have at least 2 trunks on a switch?Kinda confused here... ...

jlajuarez by Beginner
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Management VLAN Questions

Dear All,I configured Vlan 3 as a Management Vlan by assigning the ip address to the Vlan 3. Then I used the Telnet command & successfully was able to Telnet the Switch via Vlan 3 ip address.Now I have the following questions regarding Management Vla...

Cisco RV042

Hello experts ,Somebody please tell me if Cisco RV042 is a good enough router to support around 100 users or i need to buy a higher model or something .  I want to configure two internet connections onto it .Also please tell me if the two internet li...

AustinMas by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP binding

Hi,I did this config :ip dhcp pool Reserved_1   host   client-identifier 001f.3c4f.2d21   default-router But still after release&renew the IP on this PC it didnt get've tried to clear arp and ...

Resolved! DHCP

Dear all,I have one question which has not clear to me.If I put following  command ,in the routerip dhcp excluded-address   and if I give an ip as,or 81 to a pc as a static ip(that means If I configure the pc'...

Copy Config+Syslog

Guys,I know I can configure a SNMP Trap for the copy-config. Something like!snmp-server enable traps copy-config!What I would like to do is to sent that trap to my Syslog server. Basically meaning, anytime the config is copied I would like for it to ...

Logging problem in Catalyst 4506

Dear friends,im having problems with logging in Cisco Catalyst 4506, the device is not logging events such as interfaces states: up/down.current ios is: cat4000-i9s-mz.122-25.EWA14.binim thinking problem is about ios but not sure.can you tell me some...