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Resolved! Dual SUP 720 in one Chassis

HI,i have now two Sup 720 installed in one Chassis configured to work as HA mode.each SUP 720 has two 10G uplinks.the Question isCan I use the 4 10 G Uplinks in both Supervisors at the same time??if so which mode of configuration can i use?thanksAhme...

VSS configuration doubts

Hi,I have doubt about vss configuration ................. If i want to configure the VSS , i need to follow the below procedure .... 1) first i need to configure the vss domain with switch virtual domain < domain number >  with switch ID  and with " ...

adsl with wi-fi gateway

hello'this is a small office with 15 computers. there is no domain users login to pcs. no servers. DNS and mail servers are hosted outside. 1, usrs access internet via CISCO WI-FI ADSL gateway .  ISP provide dynamic IPS no static IPS.REQUIREMENTS1. S...

Native/management vlan not working?

Hello everybody,I've got a SLM 2008 smart switch. I've set the following options to switch port 1 which has the role of being a trunk port.1) Enable Tx force untag: disabled2) Ingress filter: disabled3) Acceptable frame type: tagged only4) PVID: 1All...

Jeroen1001 by Beginner
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POE issue on WS-C3750G-48PS-S

Hi all,I am constantly facing issue with poe on on eof my cisco 3750g swicth stack. I can see the swicth still has power but the phones are not coming up anymore. I tried putting them in different modules different poe enable ports but no luckpls see...

bws by Beginner
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I can't load IOS from flash in Rputer 2811

Hi, i would like to know why a Router 2811 can't load the image ios from flash:, i've changed the compac flash in some cases and don't work, i can into to the Router# only loading the image for  tftpdnld -r but if i want to load from de flash don't m...

iccjflores by Beginner
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Resolved! Ether-Channelling between 6509 switches

Hello,I am unable to setup layer 2 etherchannelling between 6509 switches.Please confrim if the following commands are correct!6509-cs1 ---------------------- 13/14-------------------------3/1-------6509-cs2       -   ------------------------13/15---...

Resolved! Future IP V6 LAN ?

Hello,I am a trainer in AUDIO / VIDEO products , more and more we are in contact with switches an routers to build up some systems.More and more our dealers are confused with what is going on in the IPV4 to IPV6 migration , they are afraid that the L...

VLANS with SRW2024P and RVS4000

I've a Linksys SRW2024P switch sitting behind a Cisco RVS4000 router.  Both devices are 802.1q aware, and I'd like to set up vlans to keep clients out of each other's sandboxes.My (admittedly limited) understanding is that the same vlans must be conf...

JunOS to IOS

I am converting a pair of m10s JunOS 7.6R1.9 to a pair of IOS 4948e's. I have done most of the config by hand using the display-set on the JunOS side and engaged my Cisco Sales Engineer, but looking for more info (too much has never hurt anyone!) .. ...

mkatona by Beginner
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Switch Stack Question

Hi all,I have a small question,we have an nms which is getting the alarms for the stack port down from all of our 3750 stackable switches.We havent connected or configured any stacking and dont want to, as we are using our switches without stack.to c...

Tahir Ali by Beginner
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3750x stackwise and stackpower details

Hi,I have three 3750x to be stacked. I have below doubts :As i understood that ,we need not to configure anything for stacking , In that case , how the master selection happens even we have all IOS and hardware identical.we have not configured any sw...