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Hello, We have an issue with one of our C9300-48P switches, it has 4 stacks.When we do "wr" or "copy run start" sometimes it's stuck and the switch doesn't react anymore in the CLI. Here are the version details :C9300-48P 16.12.4 CAT9K_IOSXE INSTALL ...

Clem58 by Participant
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お世話になります。現在、Catalyst9200-24T-A(NetworkAdvantage)を使用しています。本L3スイッチにてマルチキャストで受信したパケットをユニキャストに変換して送出する利用を検討しています。IOS XEシリーズ等で使用するバーチャルインタフェース(Vif)を用いたmulticast service-reflectionは使用可能でしょうか?もしくはmulticast helper-mapといったマルチキャストをユニキャストに変換できるコマンドはありますでしょうか?以上...

Resolved! C9200L stack

we have 2 new C9200L-48T-4X-E switchs and 1 new C9200L-24P-4X-E。we wanna to put 3 switchs in a stack, although there 9200 serials, but it's 2 different switch type.can we out those 3 switchs in a stack?

ronald.su by Beginner
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Hell, Ref. diagram attached. Focusing on the ASA uplinks and downlinks to a pair of C9500 switches which are configured in a StackWise Virtual mode. The two physical ports on the ASA will be bundled into a L3 Port-Channel. From the ASA, each physical...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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Hi,I have an N9K that we use a loopback interface on for monitoring tools. A number of these tools use SNMP to poll this loopback IP address. At times, the SNMP GET RESPONSE will take more than 5 minutes to show up (typical average is around 2 second...

aches63 by Beginner
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Dear allSome users complains that they disconnected from Lan for some seconds and return again. How to check the switch 2960 error logs to confirm that the switch is failure or working properly 

How are the ports numbered in a 48 port  switch? I know they are separated into 4 groups of 12. Looking at the front of the switch… Is it 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 Or1 3 5 7 9 112 4 6 8 10 12 Thanks

Hi, We have an ongoing issue with the SG350 range of switches when using them to allocate DHCP addresses.  The issue is that sometimes they will not fully issue an IP Address to the Laptops that are connecting into the Switch via Ethernet.  When we l...

douchey604 by Beginner
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When I do 'show interface vlan19" (example) it shows no L3 counters.This obviously worked on our 6500's but not on the Nexus. How do I enable it?I don't want to use Netflow, we pull the traffic stats with SNMP. "Show vlan counters" only shows L2 coun...