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Static IP and VLANs

Ok so I have 5 static IP addresses now and here is what I want to try but I'm not sure it will work this way, need suggestions. I am going to simplify it with only 2 of the IP's in use for this exampleinterface FastEthernet0/0 description $ETH-WAN$$F...

Resolved! Radius authentication config question?

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between adding the "server..." line and not adding it when doing Radius authentication?aaa new-modelaaa group server radius ADMINS server auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646Compared to:aaa new-modelaaa...

Cisco 500 Vlan problems

This ought to be an easy one-I've got two Catalyst 500 switches and i want to use a seperate Vlan for one port on each.  After i assign a Vlan to the ports i try to connect between the two ports with no luck.  gotta be something easy that i just am n...

RSPAN Question

I have two Cisco 3560 switches that I want to monitor the traffic going over 4 of the VLANs, all 4 VLAN travers both switches.  I understand how to create the RSPAN, using the http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3560/software/release...


I have a c81 that used to run  ios c831-k9o3sy6-mz.124-19.bin but it crached after a d-ram failure i have replased the default ram but no mather what now the router only detecks the new chips to be 16mb  adding the total to 48mb  i tryd several types...

kristiant by Beginner
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Avaya IP phone Registration

HiI have cisco 4506 chassis with 48 port ethernet card installed in the chassis.when i connect the Ip phone to switch the regitration is not happening.The configuration is the same what we generally used for cisco ip phones,happening but for few phon...

sameermunj by Beginner
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Resolved! IPv6 and DHCP labs?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could point me to some examples of using IPv6 with DHCP in a campus environment?  I have looked around the Internet for lab examples on this and have only come up with syntax examples.  I plan on setting up just a sma...

|HWIC problem

hi its tanvi,                i have a 2821 router with two HWIC card.the prob is that when i connected with one port of 1st HWIC then it works fine.but i cant connect or ping one port of 2nd HWIC.it seems that when 1st HWIC is connected then 2nd HWIC...

Resolved! EIGRP authentication issue

Hi,I want to implement eigrp md5 authentication between one Cisco 3750 Catalyst Switch and an other Cisco 3560 Catalyst.Routing is defined correctly with the autonomous system 10. Key Chains are created on the two switches.I have implemented these co...

enaforhmd by Beginner
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Multicast filtering on Catalyst 2960

Hi allI have a Catalyst 2960 with LANBASE 12.2(44)SE2 software.On port Fa0/1 associated with vlan 1 I have two UDP multicast traffic (A and B) coming from an appliance. On the network attached to port Fa0/2 (associated to vlan 1) it should not be ava...

emmanuelrr by Beginner
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Resolved! Mac address flapping

heyExpert i need your help.find the attached file  CAt OS 4500 version 6.3 using as core  fiber connectivtybetween access swicthes 2950Vlan 1 is running on ial switchesCAt OS moudue 3 few user are connected   on modue 4 mostly servers are connected  ...