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Can someone please tell me if any of these SFP are compatible with this switch? AntairaSFP-S10-TComnetSFP-3IfotecSFPL-FED31-20IfotecSFPL-1GD31-20Lantech8330-165XEMoxaSFP-1FESLC-TPlanetMGB-TLXPlanetMFB-TF20 ComnetSFP-10AComnetSFP-10BIfotecSPFL-FEX31-2...

I am working with learning how a network is currently configured with QoS where I work at. Unfortunately, I have not had any courses in QoS. That being said, I think i have started to understanding how your interpret the Cisco matrices in mapping CoS...

jduty by Level 1
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Hello,I have a strange question, to manage my 2960 catalyst I use the CP express web interface which is not very good,Contrary to the Cisco business switch web interface that I find more pleasant to use. My question is to know if it is possible to us...

Mickael.S by Level 1
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With Nikolay KarpyshevWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about architecture and troubleshooting Access LAN Switches such as Cisco Catalyst 4500E, 3750-X, 3560-X, and 2...

Good afternoon all, I have been working in a 100% Cisco space since 2010 and never once heard or saw the term VLAN tagging in the real world; I saw it once or twice in a CBT Nuggets video years ago and that was the extent of my exposure to the concep...

zacc04 by Level 1
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Hi, I have a question about switches. Please refer the topology, I have attached.  The problem is I cannot ping from the PC's to the switch in other subnet. And I cannot ping from the switches to other subnets. PC1 can ping Switch1, but not switch2 a...

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to filtering routes in a Nexus Device but i can't , this is the scenario: Nexus 1 advertise routes:,, Nexus 2 have to allow, and deny So i tried using a t...

Hi there : i have a Cisco catalyst 2960-x sires 24 ports switch .. this is a brand new item purchased the last week from local vendor .  whenever i try to Putty this error message is shown as attached in the picture :  would you please tell me what t...


Some can help me to understand and correct this alarm on my switch :"Alarme Sensor 'Ethernet1/28 Lane 1 tranceiver voltage sensor/300047523 is 4.646V"

herms014 by Level 1
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