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Resolved! VTP Password

When I set the vtp password on my server switch (apple), then set the same password (apple) on all my client switches it takes a long time for newly created vlans to proprogate down. Is this normal behavoir?Is there a command that will speed up the p...

Resolved! ACLs on CAT6500

I am getting strange results while applying ACLs on the Cat6500 Vlans. I am not able to understand the usage and difference between IN/OUT and whether it is used in the same manner.Is Cat6500 ACL similar to Router IOS ACLs or do they work differently...

cisco_lite by Beginner
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Resolved! Negate 'crypto pki' lines

all,can someone help me remove these lines on our 2800 router. i believe this was generated when i put the command 'ip http secure-server' and then it generated 1024 bit crypto key.crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-1600565986 enrollment selfsigned...

SUP engine in 6500 switches

Hi,Can someone help to understand the use of SUP engine in 6500 switches & why is it only found in these higher end switches and not in others normally.Thanks in advance..

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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BGP routing

Hi guys , I am still new , can anybody help me intrepreting the command . I believe the BGP has been redistributed into OSPF . But what the commands metric-type 1 , means . BGP deterministic-med commands being used , I am not sure , how it works rout...

amacdos by Beginner
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Resolved! LAN Question

Is it possible to close all of the TCP ports except TCP port 25 (SMTP). We don't want any traffic coming in or out except for outgoing mail. Please let me know how to configure this...


I am looking for how to configure VTP on an C3825 router. The commands to set VTP zone and version are not available. All of my routers are set as servers, but I can't see in the config where I would put them in either transparent or client mode.

wesleyfry by Beginner
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Helo guys, I tyr to configure NAT for two subnets that I have, I have this commandRouter(config) # access-list 101 permit tcp y.y.y.y host x.x.x.xthen I put the nat outside in host x.x.x.xRouter(config)# int fa0/1Router(config-if)# ip nat o...

dflores83 by Beginner
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q in q on 7507

I've got a device which requires stacked vlans (q in q/second dot1q). I've got a cisco 7507 as my router, and a 3750G switch. I think I've figured out that I need to combine them at the router level, but I can't find any documentation about how to ...

netopia by Beginner
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No switchport trunking?

Can you setup a switch port to be both a "no switchport" to allow you to assign it an IP number AND enable it as a trunk to route VLAN traffic over the same interface?If so...how would you go about setting this up? It seems if you issue a no switchpo...