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Hi all,I am having lot of output packet drops. I just want to know what kind of traffic it is dropping and what is causing it. For your information the interface f1/30 is connected to a 3rd party QOS box. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps, c...

Hi all. if I have 1 pc on the network and the other on the 10.112.1/24 network, will they be able to see each other, I would have thought that they would, but the pcon the /24 net would only see things on the same range, then it would s...

Hi. I just wish to ask given the scenario where you have two 4507 switches with two ethernet connections for redundancy, with rstp running, would both links be active and exchange packets or would only one physical connection be active? If only one ...

hey all, any know when a 16-port POE 10/100 switch will be available? only an 8 or 24 port is available. an 8 is not enough and a 24 port is too much for a small office. there is a 16-port one but it is not poe. thanks, robert.

Robert Ho by Level 1
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Resolved! keepalive format??

I wonder keepalive format. also how the device(switch or router) checks the keepalive about attated host. I know "TCP keepalive" and "keepalive"(used in switch/router)are different. (I know TCP keepalive well) could anyone explain me about keepalive ...

Hi there.I have two sites that are connected by two p2p DS3's. In each site I have a pair of 4500 switches, and each DS3 has a router at both ends. My setup looks like this:Switch 1A -- Router1A -DS3- Router2A - Switch 2ASwitch 1B -- Router1B -DS3- R...

branfarm1 by Level 4
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I was forwarded this as gospel, but find it hard to swallow. There may be "some" truth to it, but technically different than this. Anyone know for sure ??Cisco Voice VLANs...Why Spanning Tree is a Killer! Ouch! Poor voice or video quality...dropped...

Looking at deploying 6500-E chassis and will porbably opt for having a couple of POE modules (WS-X6148A-GE-45AF). What do I need to consider? I.E Will the POE modules need daughter cards, power consumption, type of supervisor etc.Thank you.

Resolved! UDLD Question

Dear all,<br /><br />Like I understand udld, it will give me a syslog output or shut down the port depends on the mode (normal(aggressive)<br /><br />Now I configured it in the lab and "damaged" one of the both fibers. The Link goes down but UDLD was...

I am measuring re-convergence times between LAN routers of between 1-5 seconds. Can the router settings be tweeked to improve that time?Configuration is:2 routers in cluster configuration on west side (R1, R2) to provide redundant links.1 router on ...

RobinCruz by Level 1
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could someone explain the below command to me... thanks: <br /><br />mpls ldp neighbor 192.x.x.1 password 7 <br />mpls label protocol ldp<br />no issu config-sync policy xxx xxx<br />issu config-sync policy xxx xex<br />

I just purchased a 2651xm (ebay) and it's password protected from the previous owner. I followed the password recovery directions on the Cisco website but it doesn't work. Can anyone please help? Here's whats happening:1. Break and goto ROMMON. Good...