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For a DR test, my company would like to restore approximately 5 servers from a Backup/Restore server.The five servers will reside on one Ethernet interface (subnet) of a router and the Backup/Restore server will sit on another Ethernet interface on t...

msrohman by Beginner
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I'd like to have our 3650 notify us when mac addresses change. I thought port security would do this in restrict mode, but it does not seem to be.I have a loggin server set, and the port security configured on the switch port in question.How do I get...

hi every body!I was reading about how entries in cache for fast switching are stored in biniary tree . I am still fuzzy about next hop look up in cache. Does any body know any good link with examples to understand next hop look up in fast switching ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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ok I know about the 5 different acls and the basics of how they work, but what gets me is how to restrice some ip addresses from getting access like192.168.1.0 or something like that, how is this worked out

I have a C3548 xl series switch.I can create Vlan, but the vlan are shutdown mode. I have tried giving "no shut" & "vlan active" cmd. ***************************************Current configuration:!interface VLAN2 ip address

ahrao by Beginner
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Our network is composed of a Cisco 2610 router which connects to our ISP and the other end (inside) connects to a switch and then from the switch we connect to a Cisco ASA 5510. Also from the switch we connect to a couple of servers that have public ...

hi everbody!i just want to know when we use " show controllers int e0" command, we get Rx ring with 16 entries.My question is does 16 means total number of buffers from both standard public buffer poool and private system buffer pool?thanks a lot!

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hello:I have a 1841 router. I need to support 6 VLAN's. My plan is to use 2960 switches connected to the 1841 and configure the Ethernet port as a trunk port. I have searched but have not found anything on this type of config. Does anyone have an...

HMidkiff by Beginner
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Bonjour, nous voulons utiliser des switches cisco ws-c3750G-ps-e dans notre LAN afin de créer des VLan. cisco ws-c3750G-ps-e a un routage IP complet avec OSFP EIGRP BGP4 PIM J'aimerai savoir s'il nous faut utiliser un routeur forcement pour que nos ...

We have issues with my Cluster server not being able to ping server on the same subnet Cluster server is patched to core switches and this is a physical HP blade server I was able to ping the gateway address: but was unable to ping: 10.55.0...