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Resolved! LAN, Switching and Routing

Hi all! Is it possible to creat Vlans between a cisco switch and a non cisco switch e.g Extrem switch.?We need to exten a lan to a little lan that is running on an Extrem switch.We are using the 802.1q on the cisco switches.

kgabo by Beginner
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Resolved! Route-Map Help.

Hello, I am attempting to create an environment where my current production traffic continues to use the current route to the current firewall but traffic from a specific network to the same destination is directed to a different firewall to head...

p-blake by Beginner
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Failed SSH attempts in syslog

If i want syslog data to be sent to our Logging Server for Failed and Successful SSH authentication attempts to a 3825 ISR, how can I accomplish this?I already have the logging level on the 3825 set to "logging trap debugging", but I see no output in...

Windows Vista and DHCP

Hello -I know there is a goofy Vista "feature" where it will not interoperate with Cisco DHCP. Does anyone know if this is fixed in the Cisco DHCP server to accommodate Vista?I can only find reference to Catalyst 500 series switches. Thanks!!

brobinson by Beginner
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Resolved! HSRP_not working

Hello,I have four Cisco 1800 series routers and a 3750 switch. All the four routers are connected to the 3750 switch. The first router is used for Mail trafficThe second for Citrix trafficthe third for general web browsingThe fourth router is a back...

Tarek by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS ---Need Help--2620-XM

Hello, I have cisco 2620-XM. I have one ADSL WIC Card, one Serial and One FastEthernet in the router. From the cisco website i download the IOS which needs 64 MG and 16 MG Flash. I do have 64 memory, but when i download it on the ROuter i get a me...

Sup engine MSFC card

Hi,Wanna ask that in 6509e chasis, install with the 2 unit sup2 module which do as redundancy.So with the "Sh Module" command in CAT OS, will it show 2 unit of MSFC card?Thanks -Gilbert

Strange Access-list !!

Hi all, i have 2 routers connected via serial link, RA and RB, RA has a pc in its lan with IP, RB has a pc with IP, now i am deploying a very SIMPLE site to site vpn with this access-list on both side, access-list 111 per ip...

juniper and cisco multicast problem?

network diagram:source---catalyst 7609---juniper M20---no receive.7609 connect M20 vlan is vlan404,why vlan 404 not prune.(*,, 00:02:19/stopped, RP, flags: D Incoming interface: Null, RPF nbr Outgoing interface list: ...

wilsonyong by Beginner
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