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CBS3020 fiber trunking problem

I am having terrible luck getting 2 seperate HP blade enclosures to trunk with 4507R's via fiber. Both of my blade enclosures have 2 CBS3020's inside. On one enclosure I was able to get one of the switches to trunk with the 4507R over fiber, but the...

branfarm1 by Enthusiast
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Cisco SOHO 831 - HELP!!!

I know enough to be dangerous. I downloaded the new Cisco SDM software package and installed it. Thought I was configuring my router. It did. And now I cannot get out. I played with it for a little while with no success. So I tried to go back t...

enabling rsh on 6509 for catos

I have a 6509 running 8.5(5) CATOS and am wondering how to enable rsh so that I can issue CATOS commands. I have found information for the IOS but got "connection refused" response. The IOS commands I used were username root privilege 15ip rcmd rsh...

Resolved! VLANS

Im setting up a secondary core switch with a pair of 6513's and I have a problem.Three of the 10 vlans I have created show up as down down and for the life of me I cant figure out why.Im running Version 12.2(18)SXD7a on both switches.Vlan1 ...

jim by Beginner
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Security Wireless 857w router config.

Hi,I do have adsl & wireless internet connection running properly under my Cisco 857w router.However, I am trying to configuring with out success the (wap), my wifi internet connection still open for everyone.I will really appreciate your advices.Tha...

CISCO Catalyst 4510R

Dear All;i have CISCO Catalyst 4510R configured in my company. i just added WS-x4306-GB module. Fiber terminates in this modules. please help me how to monitor and check that module.i will wait for your kind reply

soshomile by Beginner
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Resolved! 1721 and more memory

Hi,This is my cisco 1721 show ver outputCisco 1721 (MPC860P) processor (revision 0x300) with 61987K/3549K bytes of memory.Processor board ID FOC07470APD (213828379), with hardware revision 0000MPC860P processor: part number 5, mask 21 FastEthernet in...

Firewall/Router Forwarder

Hello all, Is it possible to setup a forwarder via domain name as opposed to i.p addressing? For example, any traffic destined for example.com forwards to Is this possible? Thank You

danny9797 by Beginner
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Uplink ports problem with 2960 switches

Hi,We had recently got 5 nos of 2960G-24TC switches...the problem we are facing is that when I try to connect the uplink port of one switch with the uplink port of other switch using a straight through CAT-5 utp cable (manually crimped) it doesn't sh...

rv_viji by Beginner
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no traffic on vlan interfaces

Here's config...interface FastEthernet0/10switchport access vlan 10no ip addressspanning-tree portfastinterface Vlan10description cust2ip address access-group inbound inip access-group outbound outinterface FastEthernet0/11...

jahilnt10 by Beginner
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