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discontiguous subnets....

I have a server that is dual homed - each nic is on its own subnet. nic1 is on and nic2 is on problem is, on the other side of the 20.40 nework is another 10.135 network that is discontiguous from the 10.135 net off nic1. ...

matt_heff by Beginner
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RSPAN with Multiple Sites

Hi,We have a number of sites where we are using RSPAN over LAN-extension services for mirroring Voice VLAN traffic to a centralised voice recorder.Across the sites and the core network we have configured one RSPAN VLAN. On each edge switch we are cap...

mmelbourne by Contributor
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CiscoWorks Messages - Hundreds of them

Hello,I have a two 6509 core switches.They are configured for HSRP. is the IP of one of them and is the IP of the second one.I am getting these two emails in my mail every few minutes from Ciscoworks. Everything seems fine on...

mzsaad123 by Beginner
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Standby - HSRP

Hi AllWe have 2 WAN links connected to 2 routers in HSRP. I have access only to one of these routers.How can I find out details of the other link? In addition, how can I find out if the 2nd link on the 2nd router is still in use? I have a feeling it ...

londint by Beginner
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spanning tree

Hi all, can anyone tell me if I will have problems with this design, I have got about 10 switches, all on vlan 1, I have got some servers that im going to put in vlan 2, the connection to vlan 2 will be via a firewall in transparent mode, so it will ...


Hi all, can anyone tell me if im right in saying that on firewalls, if a session is made from outside to inside, the session is automatically let back in for a certain period?, how long is this period ?cheersCarl


Hi all ,can anyone describe to me the basic setup of a san ? would my server have 2 network cards, 1 for the lan and 1 for the san, both on different ip addresses ?

Resolved! about crash info files

the flash memory of the router have some crashinfo files , even i deleted them from flash they are steal in flash. i think they are occupation the space because when i deleted them the free space doesn't increase what can i do to clean the space from...

adriatikb by Beginner
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unequal ip cef load balancing

I have a 3750 (a) at a branch office connected to 2 3750s (b, c) at head office via 2 x LES10s (vlan 10 and vlan 20). 3750 c handles routing and is connected to 3750 b via a trunk link. So vlan 10 runs a > c, while vlan 20 runs a > b > c. I am facin...

E1 Problem

HI,I have Cisco3660 router with E1 link.there 30 chanels configured.Out of 30 22 chanels are configured and working fine,all of a sudden,all these interfaces status are showing as " serial X/Y is reset and protocol is down.If you want to see the Show...

Lavanholy by Beginner
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Still got PXE problems

HiWe have put a PXE server in a LAB net.The DHCP and the PXE isnt on the same server so I have configured two helper adresses on a 2611. Ive also starter ip mulsticast-routing and ip pim dense on the interfaces.But still the PXE boot doesnt work.I ge...

killroy by Beginner
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