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I have a Cisco 4507 and just implemented Zabbix to monitor our infrastructure (replacing Nagios).  I am now starting to see a lot more information about potential issues than I did with Nagios which is a double-edged sword.The biggest issue I'm seein...

mchappell by Beginner
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Hello there,I´m currently creating a virtual network in packettracer for my internship. I tried to create a couple of vlans on a 3560 switch that should communicate with each other. I need one of the vlans to be able to connect to all others but the ...

buggfish by Beginner
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Hi,up to now I'm used to configure interfaces on 2960 or 3850 switches. Now we've got two SX350X devices, and I tried to setup interfaces as trunk or access (CLI only!). I'm unable to find a way to get rid of any trunk config, once it is been there. ...

Resolved! C9200L stacking

HiWe are planning to order C9200L-24T-4G-A switch as replacement of C2960S-24TS-L-V04, is that a correct replacement?Also please advise what is the model of stacking kit and stacking cable suitable for C9200L-24T-4G-A 

Dear all I'm having a trouble while I was configuring my switch So I wanted to add up this line to my switch  statistics packet protocol but it kept pointing out that the statistics command had an error like below (config-flow-monitor)#statistics pac...

w11dgod by Beginner
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Hi All,We have had a interface to WAN drop. When checking the SFP module on 9200L switch the port flashes green then goes solid green. It keeps alternating between these states. Any ideas?This is a previously working port and no config has been chang...

we recieved a report that a user is seeing timeouts on a server. we couldn't find where the issue was, but when I was digging into where the server was connected some things looked odd.I don't see anywhere on switch 2 module 6 where po11 is configure...

mcow by Beginner
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Has anyone come across a situation where the LED's on the 1Gbps RJ-45 blades aren't showing link or traffic but a "show interface" does? Its almost like pressing the "mode" button on 9200 series switches where it shows speed and duplex and such using...

Can anyone identify the connectors/wire headers used on the IE3300 switches and its powersupplies?I can't find any specifics in the cisco documentation today, but a rather general referral to 'molex'Also Cisco does not list them as spare part.Searchi...

M-H by Beginner
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Hi Ladys and Gents,since monday i am trying to get a power strip, wich is switchable over http GET, to work in our infrastructure. Since i'm fairly new in the IT field, i have a few questions. I'll try to get all information here together and if some...

nggt by Beginner
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Hi,Previously, I changed the WS-C3750-24PS-S switch console line baud rate to 57600. After I am done using this baud rate, I changed the switch baud rate back to 9600 using the commandsswitch(config)# line console 0 switch(config-line)# speed 9600and...

Olakunle by Beginner
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Please help me get logged into my router.  We've forgotten our username (though I think we left it cisco) and password.  We want to get in so we can reconfigure the wifi passwords we setup.  I've searched all of the helps and google...I can't figure ...

Hi,I got some 9200L switches with some drops, some people are complaining about Teams meatings are bad, when i checked the switch i could find these drops. Maybe these drops do not have a big effect on the overall switching process, but I wonder why ...

Moudar by VIP
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