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Faulty Interface down logs, is it bug?

Hello everyone,I'm not sure some of you maybe having an same issue with me, about weird logs.Yesterday, there were switch logs about interface down.On the switch logs (sh log) 5 interface ports has been down, but we don't have interface connections o...

eeebbunee by Beginner
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Resolved! VXLAN and gateway

Hello, Two users contact each other over VXLAN. I notice the user config is like the below. The user config use router to simulate user pc without gateway setting up. Is this correct? Thanks  hostname HostA ! interface GigabitEthernet2 mac-address 0...

zshowip by Enthusiast
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C9300 - Trunked EtherChannel issues

Hi,Currently trying to configure two HP C7000 Chassis ports bundled into one EtherChannel, trunking multiple VLANs on a Cat9300When we configure the interfaces with channel-group 10 mode on, both links come up bundled into the port channel but the ho...

MIB/OID for harddisk:

Hello,I want to monitor the hard disk of a Cisco appliance, be it a Cat 9500 or a 9800. However I cannot seem to find the OID for that. DEVICE-WLC01#dir ?/all List all files/recursive List files recursivelyall-filesystems List files on all filesystem...

Resolved! VRRP configuration

Hi everyone, I have two switches. one 9200 and another 9300.I want to configure VRP between them, but the vrrp commands do not appear on vlan interface configuration.I've checked and I need to execute a command "fhrp version vrrp v3" first into the d...

agomes86 by Beginner
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Trunk Port Move Mac To Different VLAN

Hello... Simple question for you experts...All I want to do is move mac address "0013.cb11.0a59" from VLAN 20 to VLAN 520... but how would I do it when the port is a trunk and I don't want to move the whole port to VLAN 520?Cheers All.Core Switch#sh ...

Danx1 by Beginner
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TCP port not passing

Greetings,I am facing an issue. I have two windows servers where they can ping each other. Both of them are connected on the same switch (3850) and are assigned on the same VLAN. However, when I’m doing a test net connection from server 1 to server 2...

dimkat2903 by Beginner
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Resolved! Proxy arp

Hi, Is there any way to identify whether endpoints are using proxy arp (default feature enabled) in Cisco catalyst switch to establish connectivity with another endpoints from Cisco catalyst switch perspective with any show commands? Disabling proxy ...