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So i order a few used switches and they arrived as part of a stock. I was able to remove them from the stack by just issuing a renumber command but now even tho my running config shows the correct Gi1/0/X interface names when i need to work on them.....

joshhboss by Level 1
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hi,i need to configure a pair of nexus 5k (for vPC) and FEX 2200 modules.my question is, do i configure vPC first or the FEX? i saw there can be two approach (or are these two steps required?):1.using a direct ethernet interface2.using a port-channel...

Hi guys, I use Cisco Prime Infrastructure to manage devices. I would like to update Cat. 2960X with release 15.2.7E4. For security purpose the devices are managed over a dedicated IP address (It can either be a SVI in case there are several swtiches ...

mitard by Level 1
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Hello All - I am looking for a CLI command that can list out the free Interfaces in the ACI Leaf Switches."show interface status mod 1" command only shows the whether the interface is in "connected / not connected" status.  But i am also looking for ...

HiI need some rack ears for an SG300-28PPCan anyone please tell me the part number, and where in the UK I can get these rom? Note, these are NOT the same across all the SG range.... I've already been there!TIA

I am looking at clustering a pair of 9300 Switches.  However, the connecting devices cannot be terminated on both Switches.  The question I have is in relation to advantages of undertaking this feature with this setup.   Does anyone know any failure ...

croftsd23 by Level 1
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Hello All - I am trying to configure my SNMP server (Solarwinds) to get alert if the Cisco Routers/Switches hit 80% CPU as Critical Alert and 60% as High AlertWe use MIB "CISCO-PROCESS-MIB" for achieving this Do we have separate MIB / OID for each an...

Hello,two nexus's 3k in VPC configuration with dedicated keepalive link.If - for any disruption - the keepalive link goes temporary down, even when it returns UP (*) the only way to restore the correct functioning of the VPC is to ... restart one of ...

Hello,2 nexus 3k in VPC configuration.Someone can explain why non-Cisco Transcivers are sometimes accepted and sometimes rejected as "not supported"?And I'm talking about the exact same Transceiver model (HP): 2 or 3 of them do work, others don'tHere...