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Hello everyone,I have a 3 switch stack that I need to do a password recovery on. All 3 switches are Cisco 3900 and I do have physical access to them. I've done some research on how to do the password recovery and it is actually very straight forward,...

My apologies if this question has already been asked, I wasn't able to find an answer.I'm currently studying for my DCCOR and I'm using CML to play with Spanning-tree on some Cisco 9Ks.When I check for inconsistentports, I see that bridge assurance i...


Hi All I have  a network with 26 CBS350-24 switches, all with the same "error"? I have disable the HTTP server, and only have the HTTPS and SSH active. But when i try to connect to the webGUI using https, i get the "not secure" warning. When i invest...

Hi All I am sorry if am very limited with switches. i am still learning and this is a home lab of sorts.I have several switches 2 layer 2 cisco and now a new (to me) layer 3 a ws-4500x-sfp+,I configured the switch by copying info from my other switch...

dogboy by Level 1
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question on the switchport command.the ports on the primary nexus all follow this format, for example:interface Ethernet100/1/16description Server1A-1switchport access vlan 550no snmp trap link-statusbut on the secondary they all include switchport:i...

hi allin my workplace on 1 of all switches in our network, clients and phones don't get ip address from dhcp server in network, only works with ip static.The rest of the clients and phones on other switches can get ip address from dhcp server without...

S_Zer01 by Level 1
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I need to nat ports 7000-7500 I have done it in the past port by port using:ip nat inside source static tcp X.X.X.X 1234 interface FastEthernet4 1234Do I need to do this via ip nat or access list?