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Dear all, I would like to know if there are still Cisco switches / router both IP and MPLS that are supporting the old standard 802.1aq SPB natively. I can find useful information since SPB is quite old protocol... in case the "evolution" would be VX...

oguarisco by Level 3
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We've just installed 2960X stacks running IOS 15.2 at several sites. I'm interested in being able to do embedded packet captures, but I'm having some trouble getting this feature working. The syntax on the 2960X seems to be a little different from wh...

Hi all, I can't seem to find a way to allow my GPO to pass through my core router(which has ACL running). I was able to determine that the cause of this was the packets were being blocked by the ACL because if I remove the ACL on the VLAN, the GPO ta...

Amiel by Level 1
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Hello  In the attachment you will see my topology  I have 4 routers and two switches  my question what is best way to make this setup redundant ?!!  I will use GRE tunnel between all routers and I need to know what is the best way to redundant switch...

Zurattos by Level 1
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Hi everyoneI have a pair of stacked 3850 switches.The stacked switches have two uplinks (Tengig1 /1/1 and Ten2 /1/4) in port-channel.Port Te1 /1/1 fails to activate in port-channel. The release used is cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.12.03a.SPA.bin(install ...

marzi by Level 1
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I connect 3 routers to each other with serial links for redundancy....After configured ospf...i see that all serial link's ports are up/up state..As far as I know, STP block any one of the port for prevent loops 

Hello,We are going to migrate to an IP avaya solutionWe decided to dedicate a port for PCs, and another port for phones.Our core switch is VTP server ( stack of 3850). We have created all the vlan on it (20 vlan data, 20 vlan voice).Each vlan is conf...

Beaurr by Level 1
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