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hello,i need some help to configure my cisco 3560g-24ts with my network.here is the description of my network which works well but not as i want.                           i have created vlans on my switch and enabled inter-vlan routing. each VM from...

Annotation 2020-02-08 135051.png
nimoinau by Beginner
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Hi AllI have 3 separate access switches (2960XR) with different vlans on them. These 3 switches have layer 2 connectivity to a Cisco 3850-12S switch.If I set up 3 separate monitor sessions (1 on each of the 3 access switches) and mark the desitinatio...

Jim Kerr by Beginner
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I have an VLAN application where I need to find a creative solution.  Suppose you had 4 devices connected to one managed switch and each device was on its own VLAN.  Three of the devices were active on their VLANs and the forth device, on its own VLA...

Hi everyone !I have a problem with the communication between two switches, here is the simplified configuration:  My PC1 and 3 cannot communicate. Same for my PC2 and 4.There is surely something I did wrong but what ...Some will invite me to do a tru...

modavart by Beginner
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Hi All, I am getting below error on 3850 SW. i am unable to understand this error, kindly suggest me for effect and resolution. *osapiBsnTimer: STANDBY:2 wcm:  %OSAPI-4-TIME_SHIFT_DETECTED: Detected backward time shift. Last: 1444143429.950053. --> N...

We have two separate C9348GC-FXP's. Can you do multiple non-disruptive upgrades in a row or is it required to reboot at least once every two upgrades? example: We upgrade from 9.2(4) to 9.3(1) using ISSU non-disruptive. Then next time we upgrade (9.3...

Hi Everyone, It's my first time to use this SFP and at the moment, I am having no luck.  For more information, below are the hardware and scenario. Site 1:Switch: C9300-48TModule: C3850-NM-4-10GSFP: SFP-10G-ERCable: SFP-10G-AOC3M Site 2:Switch: C9500...

hi all,whats the best way on making a channel group is it -conf tint range <g1/0/x-x>switchport mode trunkswitchport trunk allowed vlan add | remove <ID>no shutchannel-group 1 mode autoor -conf tint po1channel-group 1 mode autoint range <g1/0/x-x>swi...

So I am currently deploying two (2) stacks of 9200L switches. I also got the DNA-Essentials with all switches.I have them stacked and up and running great, but when looking at my license information it shows that I am out of compliance. Smart Licensi...

JHarpole by Beginner
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