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Cisco 3850 EEE support

Hello Everybody, I got a switch, Cisco-3850, which should have an EEE support for 2.5/5Gbs speeds, as it was described in datasheet https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/switches/catalyst-3850-series-switches/datasheet_c78-720918.html "24...

Oleg0 by Beginner
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nexus 3064-T mgmt1 interface

HiI have 2 nexus 3064-T switches on which I intend to setup vpc. The documentation implies that both mgmt ports should be available except that while its physically there, I cant seem to configure it ?? when I do int mgmt1, I get an invalid interface...

Resolved! Traceroute MAC not working consistently

Hi All, Is there a reason that a traceroute mac would work from some MACs and not others? It seems VERY inconsistent for me. Sometimes the same MAC will work then randomly not work. Here's what I get: CiscoL3Device#traceroute mac 309c.0000.b1b0 309c...

robschn by Beginner
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Cisco 3850 SFP Issues

Live Issue: I recently upgraded a Cisco 3850 Switch stack to 16.03.06 and started to see some odd behaviour. I had a trunk port that was configured on the newly upgraded switch with a number of VLAN's the trunk port was showing as up but no MAC addre...

Fatal error on an SRW2048

I recently bought a Cisco/Linksys SRW2048 switch off eBay. It seemed to be working fine (as a switch) but I didn't know the admin password, so I reset it. Then I rebooted the switch and now it won't boot up fully anymore anymore - it's stuck in a loo...

sgsignage by Beginner
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Resolved! C9500 C9300 C9200 CALL home issue

Hello Experts we are recently introduced 9K series to our network family and we realized that the 16.9 + we need to call home to license the network switches, so we follow the Call-home configuration and allow the switch with ADVANCED LICENSE to be c...

perkin by Beginner
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Interfaces UP before boot process finished in a Catalyst 9500 Virtual Stack

Hello all,I have a Catalyst 9500x Virtual Stack and 2 Routers connected to these Switches.Router 1 is the Primary Wan link and is connected to Switch 1 (Master) and Router 2 is the Secondary Wan link and is connected to Switch 2. We have detected tha...

Resolved! confirm PoE

Hi..pls confirm below cisco catalyst 4006 switch is PoE or non PoE. WS-C4006 Software, Version NmpSW: 7.6(12) Mod Port Model--- ---- ------------------ -------------------- ---------------------------------1 2 WS-X40132 48 WS-X4148-RJ3 48 WS-X4148-RJ...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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