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TMS hangs up in the middle of adhoc call after a prior Scheduled call

Hello, Cisco Friends!   Perhaps you can help me discover what is causing this behavior in TMS, and advise how we might fix it..   Most of our connections are scheduled in advance in TMS, but there will be some times when we will connect or disconnect...

Resolved! The connection settings are no longer valid after TMS upgrade to 15.5.0

Hello, After we upgraded the customers TMS to 15.5.0 they have gotten the follwing errors on some of there allready boked meetings but not all.   On the meetings with theese errors we can see that the connection alternative have changed from [H323] t...

dom TMS.png
urbfal by Beginner
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Resolved! Doubt about "Touch 10 asks user / password and SX10 IP address"

Hi Team,   Recently, our client has detected that the Touch 10 device requests the user/pass and ip address of the SX10, it happens on specific occasions, but we do not know what the cause may be.   Reading the documentation of "SX10 Administrator Gu...

jmhalegre by Beginner
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H323 hardware device register to EXP-C don't have video signal when call in/out CMS

Hi all, I'm facing one issue when config EXP-C as H323 gatekeeper. My call follow as below: CMS------CUCM------ExpC------Endpoint H323 When i make the call from Endpoint hardware H323 to CMS or from CMS to endpoint hardware H323, i can't not see vide...

C series codecs cannot decode H.264 from the popular X265 encoder

When using the widely deployed X265 encoder library to encode a SIP video stream from my computer, I cannot call any C20, C40, C60 or C90 with video support. The H.264 decoder fails on all Cisco devices with the following error: arm2 video2: parse_sp...

friatider by Beginner
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SX20/80-based endpoints on CE9.x - main video & presentation resolutions/frame rates at different call rates?

Hi all,   I'm looking for an extension of the call speed documentation contained in the SX80 CE9.2 admin guide, specifically to the table "Adjust the video quality to call rate ratio (page 2 of 2)" on page 41.   The table lists the various call rates...

cmackOTI by Beginner
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