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My users need to install their IPTV plugins, but they don't have administrative rights. Is there a way to remote install this? Any solution would be welcomed at this point. There are about 2500 users that need the plugin. Administratively touchin...

duncanhd by Level 1
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Hi,I can watch my programs on the IpTv Viewer. But exist a player or plugins...or something with I can watch it in the browser.My question is: how can I solve it: i send a link somone, and he with one klick can watch the IpTv programs.thxAkos

akaali by Level 1
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"Ordinal 6467. Dynamic Link Library file missing MCF42.DLL.." shows up sometime during install and then the setup exits.I suspect this is caused by the chronology of software installs. What comes first? Service Pack 6.0 or IPTV Content Manager 3.4? O...