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Resolved! Incoming Calls start dropping right after when you pick up the phone

THe phone system is managed by Auxion company but i have a QOS on ASA 5510, Phone Company Stating that the problem in Qos or ISP but nothing has been changed in ASA Qos , any ideas if ther is missconfiguration ? !class-map VOIP match rtp 10000 16383c...


I realize the value of this key for VCS-E. However why would I ever need this with VCS-C? Is there a particular network topology that it is needed? I am also noticing that when ordering VCS-C as an appliance it is provided as an option but when order...

skilambi by Advisor
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Resolved! TMS Scheduled? With Jabber

                   Can I create a scheduled Muli-party conference in TMS - Booking the MCU resources (But No EndPoints)  So as to be able to have dial in users only. (with Pin) .The MCU being set for say maximum partisipants (EG: 4 Video in Template)...

hsummons by Beginner
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CTMS error : Call could not be completed because CTMS received a 'SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE' error.

Hi All,I saw this error on Cisco telepresence Multipoint Switch stating 'Call could not be completed because CTMS received a 'SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE' error.There was a interop call scheduled via CUVC between two end-points ( 1 VC and 1 CTS):- CTM is sho...