TelePresence and Video Infrastructure

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We see a strange issue in Cisco C20, where in the Video input from Camera is not detected in the  Codec - But the far end is able to see the Camera video if we are in a call.Xstatus Video Input says - Not connected.We see the same with TC5.1.6 and TC...

Hi, we have set up a customer infrastructure with a VCS-Control, a MCU 8510  and a 3241 ISDN gateway. The MCU 8510 is registered on the VCS-Control with - Prefix for MCU registrations = 50 - MCU service prefix =  50THe MCU allows ad-Hoc conferences ...

Resolved! ISDN GW 3241 rules

Hello all,I will be configuring next week an isdn gw 3241.  I did some readig about it (user guide and other cisco docs).In my implementation we hane an the isdn gw with 1 E1 (multiple DID).  several video endpoints (VEP) will be using this isdn gw.A...

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