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Resolved! How to tell if GRE traffic is encrypted or not?

                   Hi EveryoneSite A  Device A  has VPN Tunnel toSite B  Device B  over Wan link.Note Here Device A and B are end device and connect to ISP and do the encryptionSite A  Device X which is internal device has simple GRE tunnel to Site B...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
  • 18 replies
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64 Bit Client for Windows 7

We were running fine on a 64-bit Windows 7 laptop using the 64-bit client, and a few days ago it stopped working.  It would just hang while starting/connecting.I tried re-installing, which of course didn't work, but I was able to find a...

Resolved! RV180w - Firmware update - VPN unable to work

Hello all,I start this topic for may an answer as i face a problem with VPN and most likely with PORTS.My firmware was and i Update it to i was try to connect with my VPN i am unable to reach it with error 800. MS says your firm...

explorasi by Beginner
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IPSEC or any other option

Hi!I need to create a permanent vpn connection from my home to my office firewall. I have cisco 877 at home. I tried to create ipsec but did not succeed. It is showing "down" in the status under cisco router.Is there any other way like creating VPN T...

Help with Easy VPN and NAT access list

I need to allow user access to the LAN when they connect to the VPN on the T1 interface. The router is also hosting NAT but I don't need the VPN tunnel to allow NAT for the connected users.Local Lan10.61.1.x     255.255.255...

jterveer84 by Beginner
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Resolved! Site-to-Site with Overlapping Subnets

Hi All,Just looking for comfirmation on what is/isn't possible. In brief we have a site-site requirement but our local LAN ranges conflict. I'm aware of how to get this up and running using a pool of IP's that either an ASA/IOS based device can NAT b...

v0r73x117 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Required VPN troubleshooting.....

Dear Folks,Cisco ASA5510,ver 8.2(2)16, ASDM 6.2, currently Site-to-Site, L2TPoverIPSEC RAVPN and Anyconnect VPN are configured and working successfully.Recently Configured Cisco VPN Client IPSEC RAVPN, connecting Successfully, but resources cannot re...

zakid by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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ASA 5505 & VPN Cellular connection

We have a ASA 5505 setup with VPN and using Cisco client 5.0. The VPN works without a problem if we use normal internet access (from home, motel, etc). However if we use a cellular wi-fi hotspot or tether a phone it will connect to the vpn but will n...

Resolved! SSL vpn

Dear All,We are trying to manage our Cisco ASA 5520 (8.2.5) SSL clients through Active Directory(ldap).Currently the SSL VPN tunnel is up and all users are able to connect being authenticated by AD. but Group-policy to AD groups are not working. all ...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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SitetoSite VPN with ASA5510 and BEFSX41/RV042

Hi!I want to know if is possible to make a sitetosite vpn between ASA5510 and linksys routers like BEFSX41 or RV042.           Today we have PIX515E instead ASA working fine with those routers, and we wanted to replace the PIX with ASA, but we wanted...

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