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Hi All, I am using ASA 5506-X firewall in our office and I have VPN connection setup over IPSec (IKE1) and Cisco VPN Client We have currently only 2 people connecting via VPN but I am trying to setup new laptops with access to files in s...

I have a 2130 in my main site with a static IP.  I have an FTD 1010 in a remote site at a users home using a dynamic IP. Both are managed in FMC  I'm trying to build a Site to Site tunnel between the 2 devices using FMC. I can see a tunnel on the 101...

Lee Dress by Beginner
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Hi guys, I am having a strange issue....I really hope that you can help me with... We have a site-to-site tunnel with out BGP running up against Azure.... It works no issue here, but after 10-11 days the connections drops... I can see that the tunnel...

Hello,So I live in a University dorm where I have some problems with some stuff.First, I have the limitation of only connecting 3 devices over Wi-Fi where I can authenticate with PEAP and a limit of 3 clients(I have 5 that I want to use). As for norm...

smite by Beginner
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Good dayI am a student and I use the VPN Anyconnect client from Cisco on a daily basis.Since the fall of 2021, the CPU usage on my Apple Mac Book is extremely high (over 100%). The reason for this is the Cisco Anyconnect, which is why I had to uninst...

Resolved! ISAKMP lifetime

Hello all,I am creating a script to simulate the traffic in my isakmp. For this, I am looking for the lifetime of the isakmp tunnel so that I can align myself correctly with it to keep it active and avoid it deactivating after a while.Where can I fin...

Mickael.S by Beginner
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Hi, we are banging our head on a problem that seems simple  Let me explain the problem : VPN Between ASA ( and and Cisco 800 ( the ASA the networks exists for another VPN, then we have to NAT on C...

impi by Beginner
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Hello, I use AAA server (NPS) to assign addresses for VPN remote access clients, I configured the NPS to send : Framed-Pool=POOL-INTERNE, but does not work : Radius: Type = 88 (0x58) Unknown FW-LAB-ASA-001# sh verCisco Adaptive Security Appliance Sof...

cisco.13 by Beginner
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I have implemented anyconect VPN with DUO 2FA, however I need to know how I can generate VPN connection and disconnection logs.Has anyone had to perform this type of configuration? If yes, could you share how to do it?